Brighton Fringe are delighted to welcome back a brand new Dutch Season for 2023 supported by The Embassy of The Netherlands, Fonds Podiumkunsten Performing Arts Fund NL and Amsterdam Fringe.

Brighton Fringe is a worldwide celebration of the arts. Make sure not to miss these incredible award-winning shows from Amsterdam Fringe exclusively in Brighton.

Remember, Brighton Fringe is on from May 5 to June 4 2023.

DISINTEGRATE, MAY 5, 6, 7. £10 (Fishing Museum Loft - The Old Net Room)

UIT|EEN|VAL / DISINTEGRATE will shine a light on our mental state and anything that hides behind it. A 35-minute solo dance performance about dissociation as a coping mechanism, with live sets and visual narrative. Join this unique event as dancers and musicians play with and against each other, with enough room left for a sense of humour. 


A workshop for all kinds of movers, dancers and non-dancers. Let go of expectations and listen to your body and how it wants to express itself. 

This workshop aims to create an open and safe environment for your body, yourself and others. Allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are, and explore how the outside affects your body, yourself and your language. Give yourself this time to start a ‘clean page’. 

DRAG THERAPY LIPSYNC THEATRE: HOW 2 PREPARE 4 LOVE, MAY 26, 27, 28, 29. £12 (Caravanserai Brighton, Junk Poets)

Drag artist Indie Nile plays therapist and patient in a lipsync theatre show that is a part therapy session, part pop spectacle. Make sure not to miss the winner of Amsterdam Fringe 2022, and get ready to hear your favourite 80’s ballads in a fabulously original theatre piece. 

DRAG THERAPY WORKSHOP, MAY 25. £12 (Caravanserai Brighton, Junk Poets)

Drag artist Indie Nile, with the help of a wig or two, will accompany you in this workshop as he explains how he, after starting drag at 40 years old, quickly developed a technique to help others identify themselves and what’s at the root of their creative (and personal) blockage. 

Make sure not to miss this enlightening and extravagant workshop. 

GOODBYE ERDOGAN, MAY 25, 26, 27, 28. £12 (Fishing Museum Loft- The Old Net Room)

Sevki Duru, the enigmatic ruler of this subterranean realm, is here to unveil his most prized possession to you, the audience. Every piece of his captivating collection of crime weapons has a story to tell, but be aware, is Duru really who he says he is? A merely humble clerk or a cunning fraudster? The verdict is yours to render.

Make sure not to miss this.

SCIENCE OF STORYTELLING, MAY 27. £12 (Fishing Museum Loft - The Old Net Room) 

You do not want to miss this storytelling workshop on how to build an authoritarian populist political narrative. 

A case study of Tayyip Erdoğan.

IRMA, MAY 24, 25, 26. £12 (One Church Brighton - Gloucester Place- Basement Hall)

Make sure not to miss this theatrical research on the life and work of Irma Stern and the complexity of image-making.

Two female artists from different continents with the desire to change the narrative are ready to take us to the bottom of things through history and perspectives.

Tickets to all Dutch season events, plus over 600 shows are on sale now.

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