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Luke Rollason at Bad Luck Cabaret | Lynsey Nicol

Press accreditation

Press accreditation for Brighton Fringe 2025 is now open.

We offer the opportunity for reviewers, bloggers and members of the print media to become accredited and gain free access to events.

Once your accreditation has been approved you will gain access to our press portal to book tickets.

If you have any questions about accreditation, please email: [email protected]

Become an Accredited Press Member


Brighton Fringe offers the opportunity for budding or established photographers to become accredited.

Whether you are beginning to flex your skills or are an established member of the press, you are welcome to apply to become accredited. 

This is not a paid opportunity. Brighton Fringe employs one official photographer and videographer each year to capture key content required by Brighton Fringe.

Accreditation gains you access to pre-agreed events to photograph. Brighton Fringe asks that you share these images with us to be used in our future publicity materials with appropriate credit. 

Become an Accredited Photographer


For all press enquiries please contact [email protected]


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