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Fri 12th May - Sat 27th May 

James Danielewski: Rainbow Trout (Work In Progress)

Presuming Ed's
James moved to Brighton from The North expecting sex, drinking and hangover day tofu, and that's exactly what he got
{"id":5513,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/james-danielewski-rainbow-trout-work-in-progress\/","event":"James Danielewski: Rainbow Trout (Work In Progress)","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-18-2022-222812-3079.jpg","date":"Fri 12th May \u2013 Sat 27th May","venue":"Presuming Ed's","lat":"50.8472764","lon":"-0.150598","price":"FREE"}
Tue 23rd May - Tue 23rd May 

Kate Dale: Up to Scratch

The Caxton Arms
Bisexual comedian fingers her way through middle life, finding the joy and absurdity of being a beginner once more
{"id":5511,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/kate-dale-up-to-scratch\/","event":"Kate Dale: Up to Scratch","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-08-2022-223619-6215.jpg","date":"Tue 23rd May \u2013 Tue 23rd May","venue":"The Caxton Arms","lat":"50.82683925111043","lon":"-0.1428041944427605","price":"From £5"}
Fri 12th May - Sat 13th May 

Keanu is Coming

Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick
3 superfans of 90s classic Point Break show clips from their no budget remake and invite the audience to act in their own scenes
{"id":5508,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/keanu-is-coming\/","event":"Keanu is Coming","genre":"Theatre","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/12-02-2022-115921-1566.jpg","date":"Fri 12th May \u2013 Sat 13th May","venue":"Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick","lat":"50.830641573421445","lon":"-0.13459861278533936","price":"From £6 (PWYW)"}
Sun 7th May - Fri 12th May 

Farah Sharp & Sharon Wanjohi: Can (And Will) Complain - Work In Progress

Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Raised Room)
Two comedians attempt to navigate the hell that is "existing" by performing an hour of fabulous stand up.
{"id":5504,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/farah-sharp-sharon-wanjohi-can-and-will-complain-work-in-progress\/","event":"Farah Sharp & Sharon Wanjohi: Can (And Will) Complain - Work In Progress","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-25-2022-113700-9256.jpg","date":"Sun 7th May \u2013 Fri 12th May","venue":"Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Raised Room)","lat":"50.8216908","lon":"-0.1421673","price":"FREE"}
Mon 8th May - Sun 4th Jun 

Gerry Carroll: Land of the Young

Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar
A clown, a comedian and a legend, that's three of the roles Gerry would like to play.
{"id":5498,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/gerry-carroll-land-of-the-young\/","event":"Gerry Carroll: Land of the Young","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-24-2022-215240-7372.jpg","date":"Mon 8th May \u2013 Sun 4th Jun","venue":"Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar","lat":"50.82510146298982","lon":"-0.1536637544631958","price":"FREE"}
Tue 30th May - Wed 31st May 

Hannah Fairweather: Make That The Brand

Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick
"Hannah mixes relaxed, confident stage presence with some killer subversive gags. Absolutely one to watch" (Joe Lycett)
{"id":5495,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/hannah-fairweather-make-that-the-brand\/","event":"Hannah Fairweather: Make That The Brand","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-23-2022-192611-2828.jpg","date":"Tue 30th May \u2013 Wed 31st May","venue":"Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick","lat":"50.830641573421445","lon":"-0.13459861278533936","price":"FREE"}
Wed 17th May - Sun 21st May 

Awkward Princess

Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar,Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Raised Room)
The coming of age story of a shy boy that wherever it goes, it creates an awkward situation. "Unique perspective" (The Wee Review)
{"id":5490,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/awkward-princess\/","event":"Awkward Princess","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-25-2022-135525-1942.jpg","date":"Wed 17th May \u2013 Sun 21st May","venue":"Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Raised Room)","lat":"50.8216908","lon":"-0.1421673","price":"From £5"}
Tue 9th May - Wed 24th May 

Aquarium History Tour

MEET: SEA LIFE Brighton - Main Entrance
Exclusive! A unique opportunity to learn about the remarkable history of the world's oldest operating aquarium Sea Life Brighton.
{"id":5483,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/aquarium-history-tour\/","event":"Aquarium History Tour","genre":"Tours","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-24-2022-101320-7331.jpg","date":"Tue 9th May \u2013 Wed 24th May","venue":"MEET: SEA LIFE Brighton - Main Entrance","lat":"50.819614","lon":"-0.136027","price":"From £18"}
Fri 5th May - Sun 4th Jun 

Audrey's Art Club

Brighton Fringe Streaming
Love punches you straight in the feels as Audrey dares to find the truth hidden behind her Art Club; by award-winner Lita Doolan.
{"id":5481,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/audreys-art-club\/","event":"Audrey's Art Club","genre":"Theatre","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/11\/11-08-2022-163140-9969.jpg","date":"Fri 5th May \u2013 Sun 4th Jun","venue":"Brighton Fringe Streaming","lat":"50.828107156864995","lon":"-0.1345210021929666","price":"FREE"}
Sat 20th May - Sun 4th Jun 

Bald Man Sings Rihanna

Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar
{"id":5476,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/bald-man-sings-rihanna\/","event":"Bald Man Sings Rihanna","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-25-2022-163236-4329.jpg","date":"Sat 20th May \u2013 Sun 4th Jun","venue":"Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar","lat":"50.82510146298982","lon":"-0.1536637544631958","price":"From £5 (PWYW)"}
Fri 19th May - Sun 4th Jun 

Black Sheep Comedy

The Caxton Arms
Three stand-ups performing twenty minutes of dark comedy from the very depths of their damned souls.
{"id":5466,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/black-sheep-comedy\/","event":"Black Sheep Comedy","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/11\/11-16-2022-191159-8569.jpg","date":"Fri 19th May \u2013 Sun 4th Jun","venue":"The Caxton Arms","lat":"50.82683925111043","lon":"-0.1428041944427605","price":"FREE"}
Sat 13th May - Sun 21st May 

Philipp Kostelecky: Daddy's Home

Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar
International comedian and favourite child* Philipp Kostelecky’s brings his high-energy hilarious show to the Brighton Fringe!
{"id":5461,"link":"https:\/\/\/events\/philipp-kostelecky-daddys-home\/","event":"Philipp Kostelecky: Daddy's Home","genre":"Comedy","image":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/12\/11-23-2022-230428-7034.jpg","date":"Sat 13th May \u2013 Sun 21st May","venue":"Laughing Horse @ The Temple Bar","lat":"50.82510146298982","lon":"-0.1536637544631958","price":"From £10 (PWYW)"}

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