The Brighton Fringe Autumn Season 2020 was the first time digital events were included in the Fringe programme. Brighton Fringe 2022 will continue to host digital events as well as live events, below are all the ways you can present work in Brighton Fringe 2022.  

  • In Person
    Your event is happening with a physical, in person audience in either a physical venue or open air space.
  • In Person Event with Live Streaming
    Your event is happening live but you’d also like people to be able to watch from home. You can choose this option to sell ticket to both the live event and the live stream.
  • Live Streamed
    Your event is happening live, and people are watching a stream of it in real time! You will need to set a show time and dates as with a live event, and people will need to tune in to watch then.
  • Pre-recorded
    Your event has been recorded and edited in advance! If you go for this option, your event will be available for ticket buyers to watch all month, at any time of day.

Digital events will be embedded into your event listing on the Brighton Fringe website. Once a customer has bought a ticket to your event, they will be able to access the embedded video in your event listing at the time of the event.  

Digital Event Resources

Getting Started with Digital Events

Our 'Getting Started with Digital Events' guide gives an overview on producing an online event for Brighton Fringe. It's full of links to resources and articles that will help improve your digital event. 

If you're looking for help with registering your digital event in Eventotron, you can download our step-by-step guide to completing a digital event registration here.

Download our guide 'Getting Started with Digital Events' here

Industry Contact List

Our Industry Contact List contains details for companies that offer a wide range of skills and services. The majority are local to the Brighton & Hove area and we've recently updated this list to include contacts with digital event production skills.

If you're local to Brighton & Hove and would like to add your company services to our guide, click here. 

Take a look at our list of local companies here

Tips for Live Streaming on a Budget

Brighton based Producer/Director Andy Nicholls from APNTV talks to Actor Rob Leach about streaming your show and how to get the best quality on a budget.

Watch the video here