Statement from Brighton Fringe Ltd

Brighton Fringe Ltd has been severely impacted by the cancellation of public events owing to the coronavirus pandemic, as have so many other arts organisations.

The Pebble Trust, its long-term principal funder, agreed in May 2020 to step in to provide financial and practical support through this difficult time.

On 8 June 2020, the Brighton Fringe Board met and agreed an extensive support package from the Pebble Trust, which includes short term funding along with longer term annual commitments.

In order to more expediently administer and manage the new funding arrangement Louise Rogers, Douglas Stewart, Allan Spencer, Damian Barr, Steve Bustin and James Dempster stepped down from the Board at the 8 June meeting to allow the Pebble Trust to invite new directors to join the Board. Brighton Fringe Ltd would like to thank these departing directors for their immense contributions over many years.

Jamie Arnell of the Pebble Trust became Chair of the Brighton Fringe and two new independent directors joined the Board. Julian Caddy and Jenni Lewin-Turner remained on the Board and Julian Caddy continues as Chief Executive. Further appointments will follow.

The new structure, together with the Pebble Trust’s funding, will enable Brighton Fringe to continue the great work that it does to support the sector and to plan for future events more effectively, and more boldly. While we expect this period to remain extremely challenging, Brighton Fringe Ltd will do all it can to innovate and to stimulate a resurgence of artistic expression in our city at the earliest opportunity. We are not going to allow the virus to suppress the extraordinary creative spirit of Brighton & Hove.

It is our mutual objective to ensure that, once the crisis has passed, Brighton Fringe Ltd will return to its normal mode of operation as a self-financing charitable company. In the meantime, we are very grateful for the Pebble Trust’s support and we look forward with a renewed sense of optimism.

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