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Budgeting is essential to making sure you can cover the costs of taking part in Brighton Fringe. Before registering your event, use our handy budget calculator to make sure you are covering all areas of your finances, including venue hire, accommodation costs, travel, printing and insurance. These are just some of the areas you will need to plan for when budgeting.

What costs are involved in running an event as part of Brighton Fringe?

Costs vary depending on the size and budget of your event; Brighton Fringe does not produce or curate work. Your event must be funded by you and your budget will need to include the following:

  • Your production costs
  • Venue hire
  • Accommodation
  • Wages and living costs
  • Travel
  • Marketing (adverts, posters etc.)
  • Registration fee (view 2024 fees here)
  • Licenses
  • Commission on ticket sales

What commission do I pay on tickets?

We levy a commission rate of 6.5% (ex. VAT) or 7.8% (inc VAT) on the value of tickets sold through the Brighton Fringe Box Office.

What is the average ticket price?

The average ticket price in 2023 was £9.38.


Below are a list of expenses that you can expect to incur when bringing a show to the Brighton Fringe:

  • Venue Hire; dependent on the length of your run, the size, equipment and tech costs this can be anything from free up to over £1,000.
  • Brighton Fringe registration fee, additional web advertising (if ordered) and Brighton Fringe ticket commission.
  • Accommodation living costs, food, and other miscellaneous living expenses.
  • Production costs PRS, public liability & copyright licenses (if required), equipment hire and transportation

Money-saving tip: share transportation costs with other Brighton Fringe artists or if using the train, book your train tickets early and online for discounts.

  • Press and marketing costs of printing your flyers, posters and other publicity material.

Money-saving tip: Online marketing is effective and in most cases free! Save on advertising costs and try your best to get an editorial mention in the press. Come to Brighton Fringe workshops for advice & look out for discounts for artists of Brighton Fringe only.

Gemini Print – Special Prices and Services

Our print partner, Gemini Print, offers exclusive special prices and services to all Brighton Fringe artists and venues for all your printing and promotional products – whether that be flyers, posters, programmes, and leaflets – or something more adventurous! 


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