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Completion of payment for registration indicates your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Updated: 10.01.2024

Print Marketing

We are delighted to announce that we have secured funding for two short runs of printed listing materials for Brighton Fringe 2024 thanks to sponsors. 

Family Guide 

We have secured a sponsorship from Edward Cooke Family Law that will cover the cost of producing a Family Guide for Brighton Fringe 2024.  

This will be a small booklet that includes all events from the ‘Children & Young People’ genre only. If you believe your event should be included (e.g. a pottery workshop that has been listed under the genre ‘Workshops’ but is aimed at children and families) please contact us and we will consider your inclusion on a case-by-case basis. 

The booklet will be distributed from our Brighton Fringe box office and a small door-to-door run in areas with a high-density of families and young people in Brighton (e.g. Hanover, Hollingdean, Whitehawk, Patcham). 

We would like to thank Edward Cooke Family Law for their generosity which means this print run can happen. 

This will include listings auto-generated from your Eventotron registration. Your listing copy will be pulled from your ‘Fringe Website Preview Copy (Maximum of 130 characters including spaces)’ under STEP 3: EVENT LISTING, so please ensure your details are correct and up to date your event finalised by no later than 17.00 on February 12 2024

Digital Exclusion Listings Booklet 

After consultation with Equity, audience members, venue managers and artists, we will be investing the small amount of budget we have set aside for a printed asset in a Digital Exclusion Listings Booklet

The feedback we have received is that many Fringe -fans have felt excluded from the festival since we stopped printing the brochure in 2019. Therefore, we will produce a small run of listings booklets that are available from the Brighton Fringe box office in April aimed at those who feel digitally excluded from the festival and struggle to navigate the website. 

This will include listings of all genres, auto-generated from your Eventotron registration. Your listing copy will be pulled from your ‘Fringe Website Preview Copy (Maximum of 130 characters including spaces)’ under STEP 3: EVENT LISTING, so please ensure your details are correct and up to date by no later than 17.00 on February 12 2024

Treatment of Brighton Fringe Staff and Artists

Brighton Fringe Ltd has a duty of care to its artists, staff, volunteers and contractors to ensure a safe working environment for all. 

Both parties (Brighton Fringe Ltd. staff and artists) agree to adhere to the following:

Reports of mistreatment of Brighton Fringe staff or artists will be treated seriously and may lead to the cancellation of your event. In serious cases, you may be blacklisted and unable to return. 

Complaints made against Brighton Fringe staff will follow our disciplinary procedure and will be escalated to the Brighton Fringe Board of Trustees.

Actions considered unacceptable include, but are not limited to:

Physical violence, abuse, written or spoken language that leads someone to feel afraid, written or oral language containing expletives, hate speech, defamatory statements, inflammatory allegations, unwanted physical attention, sexual harassment, unreasonably persistent communications, unreasonable time scale demands.

Brighton Fringe Communications

Brighton Fringe Ltd and its staff endeavour to reply to email and telephone communications from artists within two working days.

Registration Fees

Your registration fee contributes towards the services Brighton Fringe Ltd. provides to administer the festival. This includes:

  • The operations of the Brighton Fringe Ltd. box office to sell your tickets, pay card issuer fees, and box office commission to our box office provider.
  • The operations of Brighton Fringe and its departments: finance, development (sponsorship and partnerships), artists services, Fringe Academy, marketing and year-round support. Your registration fees support staff wages to continue Brighton Fringe.
  • The development and maintenance of the official website of Brighton Fringe and your event listing including the cost of web hosting, data protection and domain costs.
  • The marketing budget of Brighton Fringe Ltd. which endeavours to elevate the festival to potential audiences and raise awareness of the festival. This includes print marketing to raise awareness regarding the festival including, but not limited to, leaflets, posters, billboards, bus advertising and more.
  • Additional events run by Brighton Fringe including registration events, programme launches and Future of Fringe events.
  • The implementation of ticket offers, including 2-for-1 Friends and Artist Discount which you can opt into at registration.
  • Sponsored social media campaigns promoting Brighton Fringe including Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram.
  • One official Brighton Fringe photographer and videographer to create content to raise the festival’s profile.

Please note, there will be no official Brighton Fringe app for 2024.


All Brighton Fringe events must have Public Liability Insurance (PLI) for Brighton Fringe 2024 and be able to provide proof of PLI (Insurance Company name plus Policy Number) by 1 May 2024.


Please check all copy for your event details to ensure there are no mistakes in the information you are providing us. It is your responsibility to ensure this is correct at the point of registration. 

Content Control

If we consider, in our sole discretion, that the content of any event or public statements made by an artist of Brighton Fringe, whether before or during the festival, discriminate against any of the protected characteristics as outlined in the Equality Act 2010 or otherwise could be perceived to be hate speech, defamatory statements, inflammatory allegations, we reserve the right to remove the event from our programme and refund the registration fee.

If this occurs, you will have the right to appeal our decision with the Brighton Fringe Board of Trustees. Their decision will be final and binding.


You are responsible for obtaining the proper and relevant rights and permissions to perform or adapt work that is under copyright from the author, literary agent or publisher of the work. These details can usually be found on the inside cover or first pages of the script. Make sure that you have informed the relevant contacts if this applies to your event. Brighton Fringe Ltd. is not liable for any breaches of copyright and reserves the right to withdraw any event from the programme that does not have the right permissions to perform or display said work.

Taste and Decency: Language on Publicity Marketing Material

When putting together your marketing material, Brighton Fringe asks that artists consider the guidelines and advice of The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP).


Brighton Fringe will use details provided in Eventotron to contact you with information relevant to performing at Brighton Fringe. To opt-out of this, please email [email protected].

For more information, see:

Advertising changes

While Brighton Fringe endeavours to publicise any changes or cancellations to an event on the Brighton Fringe website, it is the responsibility of the artist to make any changes known as quickly as possible at the venue and anywhere else the event may have been published. Brighton Fringe Ltd. requires at least two working days' notice to guarantee any changes will be published in advance of the event. Within two working days, Brighton Fringe Ltd. cannot guarantee updates will be processed.

Press and Publicity

Brighton Fringe does not guarantee an audience. Artists are responsible for their own publicity and press, including press releases and the design, production, distribution and display of flyers, posters and any online advertising.

The Brighton Fringe marketing budget is managed to raise awareness of the festival as a whole, alongside select special 'seasons' for which Brighton Fringe Ltd. may have received additional funding.

Make sure you include the Brighton Fringe logo on all publicity (available to download from the Brighton Fringe website). 

WARNING - Please note that fly-posting is illegal and any costs incurred by Brighton Fringe due to fly-posting will be passed onto the artist.


After negotiations with Brighton & Hove City Council, a new policy regarding flyering restrictions has been imposed on Brighton Fringe 2024.  

This policy has been enforced by the council to bring Brighton Fringe’s flyering restrictions in line with their city-wide policy on flyers and waste management.  

Whilst Brighton Fringe has pushed back hard on the council over the past few months, we must acknowledge that Brighton Fringe has been the recipient of compromise from the council after their considerations on the financial implications this policy will have on Brighton Fringe artists. 

The full policy can be found here:


Brighton Fringe has the right to refuse an image that is of poor quality, not to the required specifications, incorrectly labelled or deemed to be offensive. 

You are responsible for obtaining the proper and relevant rights and permissions of any images used in your registration and event listing. Any disputed images will be requested to be removed unless proof of ownership is produced. In cases where ownership cannot be proved, images may be removed by Brighton Fringe Ltd.. Brighton Fringe Ltd. is not liable for any breaches of copyright and any fines or charges will be passed onto the artist.

Press and Promotional Tickets

Brighton Fringe Ltd. will allocate up to four complimentary tickets per session to the press on the artist's behalf unless artists opt out of this service on the registration form. Multiple requests for tickets will be at the discretion of the artist. If we require tickets for other promotional offers we will contact you directly before doing so unless you have requested otherwise on the registration form.

Arts Industry Tickets

Brighton Fringe Ltd. will allocate complimentary tickets for arts industry professionals on your behalf unless otherwise requested on the registration form. Multiple requests for tickets will be at the discretion of the artist.

Personal Assistant Tickets

Brighton Fringe Ltd. will issue one complimentary ticket to the assistants of disabled (both visible and non-visible) customers who would otherwise be unable to attend an event unless artists opt out of this on the registration form.

Box Office Information

It is the responsibility of the artist to provide Brighton Fringe Ltd. with a contact for the person managing the sale of tickets for their event(s) in Eventotron. Brighton Fringe is only responsible for those tickets sold through the Brighton Fringe Box Office.

Audience Seating

It is the responsibility of the artist and venue to inform the Brighton Fringe Box Office of any seating plans, seating arrangements, allocated seating and restricted views at the point of registering. Brighton Fringe cannot be held responsible for any errors due to the provision of incorrect information, or the non-provision of information, by artists or venues.

Brighton Fringe Ticket Allocation

Tickets allocated to Brighton Fringe will be managed on a daily basis by Brighton Fringe. Artists have the right to contact Brighton Fringe to request a re-allocation of tickets where necessary, the Brighton Fringe box office requires a minimum of two working days' notice to make these changes. 

Brighton Fringe must be allocated a minimum of 30% of the total tickets available for each performance. The details provided must be correct at the point of registering and Brighton Fringe must be informed immediately of any changes. If you sell more than 50% of the ticket allocation via the Brighton Fringe box office, you may request a redirect link to an alternative box office to be installed.

Ticket Refunds

Brighton Fringe is only responsible for the refund of tickets sold through the Brighton Fringe Box Office, the refund of all other tickets is the responsibility of the artist. Brighton Fringe reserves the right to pass on any costs incurred when refunding tickets due to the provision of incorrect information or the non-provision of information by artists.

The Brighton Fringe ticket refund policy usually requires two working days advance notice from the ticket purchaser. Within two working days’ hours of the event starts, refunds will only be granted with prior approval from the venue or artist and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In the event that Brighton Fringe Box Office cannot contact the venue management or artist in time before the start of the event, or if there are no contact details available, then the Brighton Fringe Box Office reserves the right to use their own discretion when issuing refunds.

If a customer has a grievance and requests a refund after an event has finished, Brighton Fringe will pass the complaint to the venue management or artist who will make a decision on whether or not to offer a refund and instruct Brighton Fringe accordingly.

Ticket Sales Report

A login to the online box office account is provided to each company to allow the artist access to ticket sales details 24 hours a day. These sales reports are limited to tickets sold through the Brighton Fringe ticketing system and will not necessarily include those sold directly through the venue. It is the responsibility of the artist to ensure that customer reports are generated before the event in order to verify customer details on the door. 

Commission and Settlement

Brighton Fringe will deduct a 6.5% commission (+ VAT for a total of 7.8% commission) on all tickets sold through the Brighton Fringe Box Office and website, as well as any PPL PRS (Phonographic Performance Limited/The Performing Right Society) payments (plus VAT) (see below for further details) if applicable. The commission is calculated on your gross sales (i.e. before tax is deducted). The average PPL PRS deduction for artists in 2023 was 4% of gross sales.

It is the artist's responsibility to settle any VAT or tax liabilities as appropriate.

Brighton Fringe may be obliged to withhold Foreign Entertainers Unit Tax for companies with one or more non-UK performers. See the FEU section below for more info.

Payments to foreign accounts will incur a bank transfer charge which will be deducted from your settlement. 

Settlements will be paid within six weeks of the festival ending. Payment will be made (by BACS to UK accounts and Wise to international accounts) to the person or organisation detailed in the event registration form. This may take up to three working days to reach your account. A final sales report with a summary of any deductions will be made available to you via Eventotron. Please ensure all details are correct.

If your event was registered by your venue, your settlement and statement will be sent directly to them unless otherwise specified. It is then your venue’s responsibility to forward your agreed settlement to you. Refer to your contract with your venue for their payout date, please bear in mind that they will need some extra time to work out your final settlement which includes ticket sales through their own box office.

Where ticket settlements have been paid out as requested, Brighton Fringe is not responsible for any payments due to third parties e.g. artists, performers, venues, external promoters or box offices.

Brighton Fringe is not responsible for late payments if incorrect bank details have been provided at the point of registration.

PPL PRS (Phonographic Performance Limited/The Performing Right Society)

Even if a venue holds a PRS licence, all artists are required to state upon completion of the registration form if copyrighted music will be used during their event. You will be required to pay a PRS and PPL fee for music royalties if your event uses any music that is still in copyright. Free or donation events do not need to pay PRS or PPL. In the event of failure to supply information in regard to music usage, it will be assumed that copyrighted music was used throughout the duration of the performance and deductions will be made accordingly. PRS PPL fees are deducted at settlement. Information on music usage should be provided to Brighton Fringe via Eventotron by Friday 17 May 2024. Any late supply of information may result in the full fees being deducted.


It is the responsibility of the artist to communicate effectively with their venue. Artists should ensure they are clear on the financial agreement with the venue before taking part in Brighton Fringe and be in receipt of a written contract agreeing to the financial and all other arrangements.  


Any artist that is not a UK resident, or is employing artists or performers that are not UK residents, must complete a Foreign Entertainers Unit tax form and inform Brighton Fringe of any tax to be paid out of ticket settlements. Withholding this information and failure to complete the forms will mean an automatic 20% deduction in the settlement that will then be paid to FEU by Brighton Fringe on that artist's behalf. If your application to the HMRC arrives late and it turns out you are not liable to pay FEU tax you will need to contact the HMRC directly to claim the funds back. Brighton Fringe is not liable for any incorrect FEU payments made as a result of a lack of, incomplete or incorrect information provided by the artist.

Registration Payment

Registration must be completed and payments made in full via Eventotron before tickets can go on sale. Brighton Fringe reserves the right to retain any money made through ticket sales that is outstanding to Brighton Fringe.    

Additional Marketing Payment

Payments for any additional marketing purchases must be made in full via Eventotron before said marketing is issued. If payments are not settled by the issue date for items including (but not limited to) lamppost boards, posters or email marketing your order will be cancelled and any partial payments will not be refunded.

Registration fee refunds in the event of cancellation

If a registered event is cancelled after the nominated registration deadlines of 17:00 on Monday 4 December 2023, and 17.00 on Monday 12 February 2023, no registration fee refunds will be made by Brighton Fringe. Once an event is on-sale, no refunds will be issued.

If an event is cancelled before these registration deadlines, or if an event is cancelled due to extreme unexpected circumstances (natural disaster, war, civil unrest), artists are eligible for a refund of 100% of their registration fee paid. Artists should request this by emailing [email protected]

There will be no additional cancellation fees at Brighton Fringe 2024.

Registration fee refunds in the event of Festival cancellation or curtailment

If any in-person events of Brighton Fringe need to be cancelled due to a declaration of war, disease epidemic including COVID-19, natural disaster events that fall under the legal term, “Act of God”, or a period of national mourning, the festival will go ahead digitally where possible and artists with in-person events will be given the option to transfer to digital and receive a refund of the difference between the in-person and digital registration fees. 

In case of such cancellation or curtailment, or of a full festival cancellation or curtailment of all events, artists will also be given the chance to postpone their registration to 2025 for no additional charge. In the case of a full cancellation or curtailment, or in the case of artists with in-person events not wanting to transfer to digital or to 2025, artists will receive a 70% refund on their registration with 30% going towards Brighton Fringe Ltd. to cover costs incurred.


Disputes between parties outside of Brighton Fringe shall not be resolved by Brighton Fringe Ltd.

If a dispute arises between a Brighton Fringe artist and their Brighton Fringe venue or any other Brighton Fringe stakeholder, Brighton Fringe Ltd and its Board of Trustees will endeavour to arbitrate.  You should contact us as soon as possible so we can help to resolve the issue quickly. If arbitration is unsuccessful, Brighton Fringe will recommend other courses of action including, but not limited, to Citizens Advice, Small Claims Court or independent legal advice.

Contacting Brighton Fringe

The Artist Services Team can be contacted by emailing [email protected] or calling 01273 764907. The Artist Services office hours are 09:30-17:00, Monday – Friday outside of festival dates, and seven days a week 10.00 - 17.00 during the festival. 

Complaints Procedure

To report any complaints, please email [email protected], call us on 01273 764907 or write to us at Brighton Fringe, Pier Werks, 21-22 Richmond Pl, Brighton BN1 1EL. Please see for our full complaints procedure.


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