Brighton Fringe Logo

You must use the correct version of the Brighton Fringe logo on all posters and flyers as this will act as your flyering permit during the festival.

Please note: the Brighton Fringe 2015 paint-stroke logo is no longer in use and will not be accepted as a pass. 

Download Logos for Print & Web Here
ZIP file contains: EPS / PNG files in purple & white
Download Branding Guidelines Here 
PDF outlining logo use and colour guideline

Find out more about flyering on our Posters and Flyers page, for queries please email

Poster and Flyer Footer Template

Brighton Fringe footers for posters and flyers are now available to download using the link below. 

Feel free to use the templates at the bottom of your flyers and posters. The template includes the Brighton Fringe logo which acts as a flyering pass and enables you to flyer in the city without getting a license from the council

Download Poster and Flyer Footer Templates Here

Social Media Frame

Brighton Fringe frames for you to use over your social media images are now available to download using the link below. 

Download Social Media Frame Here