El Viaje

#FindYour Story

Based on interviews with my grandmother, Abuela, El Viaje uses storytelling, song, and physical theatre as devices to share her exciting, and heartbreaking, journey from Cuba to Puerto Rico, to North America.

A journey that immerses audiences in the captivating history of my Cuban family, set against the backdrop of Cuba's political and cultural history, accompanied by original live music. Using prose, comedy, physical theatre, and my guitar, I recount my family’s extraordinary history. From my Bisabuelo (great Grandfather) fighting in the Cuban rebellion against Fulgencio Batista’s regime, to my Abuela’s incredible journey: escaping a dictatorship, winning a scholarship to study electrical engineering, and then becoming a prominent advocate for refugees throughout the Syrian crisis. This show vividly animates the challenges and triumphs of mine and my Abuela’s family. It is an honest and engaging account with themes of courage, empowerment, feminism, and justice echoing throughout, creating a resonance that taps into the core of human experience.

Using over five different instruments, this blend of artistic elements results in a dynamic, emotionally charged journey, inviting my audiences to intimately connect with the intricate tapestry of my family's narrative.

El Viaje is a powerful show that makes us question just what is worth fighting for.
This event is the winner of The Pebble Trust Young People.


Company: Barking Hearts Theatre

Genre: Theatre

Duration: 35 mins

Venues: Bar Broadway (Off Broadway) The Brunswick

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

Wheelchair Accessible Wheelchair Accessible

Accessible Toilet Accessible Toilet

Age suitability:
12+ (Guideline)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Loud Noises Loud Noises

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May 12, 2024


Bar Broadway (Off Broadway)

Standard: £7.50

Conc: £5

May 29, 2024


The Brunswick

Standard: £7.50

Conc: £5


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