Alice-India: See You In Hell (A Work in Progress Show)

#FindYour Funny

See You In Hell poses the question, “What happens to the manic pixie dream teen when they grow up?”.

Alice-India is adorable and it’s exhausting.

Utilising charm [reluctantly] and joke writing mastery [gladly] to pull apart the problem of the Quirky Girl and reveal the 3 dimensional person that lies beneath.
Tackling queer identity and the “epidemic” of neurodiversity for those caught between Gen Z and Millennial, Alice shares stories from her one and only attempt at an adult relationship, life as an undiagnosed autistic teacher and bone chilling tales from the trenches of being a silly billy in a not so silly world.

“Witty and engaging” (The Skinny), Alice is an ambitious performer (The Scotsman) “with the jokes to back it up” (Kiri Pritchard McLean).

It ain’t easy bein’ breezy.

Company: Alice-India

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 60 mins

Venues: Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick

Venue Accessibility:

Assistance Dogs Welcome Assistance Dogs Welcome

For any queries about venue accessibility, including step free access, please contact box office.

Age suitability:
16+ (Guideline)

Babes in Arms policy:
Under 2's are not allowed at this event.

Content Warnings:

 Strong Language Strong Language

 References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse References to Drug/Alcohol Misuse

 References to Mental Illness References to Mental Illness

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