Brighton Fringe awards 2023

Following a wonderful year, recording our highest numbers of performers, audiences, and sales since Brighton Fringe 2019, it's with a smile on our face that we say goodbye to Brighton Fringe 2023.

As with every year, we love to celebrate the events and people that took part in and made Brighton Fringe possible. With a wonderful 17 awards, from a range of organisations and judging panels, we bring you the Brighton Fringe 2023 award winners!


FUSE International: Best of Brighton Fringe Theatre Award

WINNER: Going for Gold (Come for Gold LTD)

RUNNERS-UPS: Shadows (Instinct Pictures), FRYDAYS (Turning Hatts Productions)

FUSE International: Best of Brighton Fringe Comedy Award

WINNER: In The Sh*t (Jamie Lerner & Mariah Girouard)

RUNNERS-UP: Fat Goose goes Brighton (Darren Cullen & Ewan May), Alex Kitson: Fired Up! Ready to Go! (WIP) (Alex Kitson)


Gemini Design for Print Award

WINNER: Quiz Face (Dean Harrington)

RUNNERS-UP: Uncommon Comedy (Jasmina Dupalo)


ONCA Green Curtain AWARD

WINNER: IRMA (Studio Bartels)


Voice Mag Best Newcomer Award

WINNER: Unlocked (Nova Grace Productions)

RUNNERS-UP: Guide to Therapy for Terrible People (Joe Kirkwood), Amy Webber: no previous experience (Amy Webber), Lost, Anxious, In Your Twenties? (Unzipped Theatre), The Art of a Damaged Soul - The One Woman Show Adaptation (Gabriella Leonardi)

Brighton Fringe Exhibitions Award in Association with Artists Open Houses

WINNER: Crying Shame (Kitty Bew)

RUNNERS-UP: I Miss My Mum’s Cooking (Michael McMillan), Crossing Fibres (Odirile Khune Motsiri)


Fringe Review Outstanding Theatre Award

WINNER: After All These Years (Close Quarter Productions Ltd)

Legal & General Award

WINNER: And I'll Blow Your House Down (Georgie Steele)

RUNNERS-UP: The Seagull and the Cat (Pericles Theatre Company), Chicken Circus (Head2Head Sensory Theatre), Clap Back for Carers (Clap Back Club)


Restaurants Brighton Family Friendly Fringe

WINNER: Arrr We There Yet?! (Head First Acrobats)

RUNNERS-UP: Lily and the Lion (Sarah Lloyd-Winder Storyteller), The Circus Sonas Family Show (The Circus Sonas Family Show), Cabaret Famalamb (Lamb Comedy Productions)


Lamb Comedy Productions Queer Comedy Award

WINNER: Selena Mersey: Madonna/Whore (Selena Mersey)

RUNNERS-UP: Burgarmeister (Alex Burgar), Drag Queens vs Vampires (Haus of Dench), Kathy Maniura: Objectified (Kathy Maniura)


South East Dance Award for the Most Surprising Dance Performance

WINNER: So-fa, So Good (Tomfoolery Dance Theatre)

RUNNERS-UP: DISINTEGRATE (Rosanna ter Steege & Yassine Belghanch), Mary (and the Perfectly Possible but Probably Implausible Perhaps Parade) (Tick Tock Bridget)

Caravanserai in association with Camp Bestival 2023

WINNER: Jon Udry's Having a Ball (Jon Udry)

RUNNERS-UP: The Circus Sonas Family Show (The Circus Sonas Family Show), The Bubble Show (The Highland Joker), Magic Gareth’s Magic Eye (Magic Gareth)


The Brighton International Fringe Encore Award sponsored by Soho Playhouse NYC

WINNER: Esther’s Revenge (Pawstudios Africa)

RUNNERS-UP: Three (Dangerosity Actors & Writers Company), Chemistry (Polymorth Theatre & Different Theatre), Mythos: Ragnarok (The Mythological Theatre)


Audience Choice Award: Best Event

WINNER: Sian Hutchinson: Tick My Box (Sian Hutchinson)

Audience Choice Award Best Venue

WINNER: The Actors

International Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Fringe

WINNER: Kenneth Uphopho and Brenda Uphopho (Esther's Revenge, Lagos Fringe)


Spirit of the Fringe Award

WINNER: Paul Levy (FringeReview)

Thank you to everyone who took part in, attended, and made Brighton Fringe 2023 possible. You can view the gallery for Brighton Fringe 2023 Awards here. Until next year!

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