BRIGHTON FRINGE 2023 - The weekend of weird EVENTS

Brighton Fringe 2023 is right around the corner, with more than 700 events taking place across more than 100 venues, everyone can join in on the fun.

For comedy lovers, Brighton Fringe is paradise on Earth, and if you fancy a twist on your typical stand-up or comedy shows, make sure not to miss The Weekend of Weird at Brighton Fringe 2023. 

Weird Weekender is a celebration of alternative comedy at Brighton Spiegeltent from 26-29 May. Here’s a list of all the shows taking place there:

LACHLAN WERNER: VOICES OF EVIL, MAY 26. £12 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

In this sell-out hit, ventriloquist/clown Lachlan Werner presents a surprising, rebellious and ridiculous hour of occult frights. 

"Vibrant. Fascinating. Extremely creative... the perfect show" ★★★★★ (Broadway Baby)

Watch out…everyone could be targeted by voices and puppets!!

LORNA ROSE TREEN: SKIN PIGEON, MAY 26. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Join award-winning comedian Lorna Rose Treen in her work-in-progress character comedy show, full of an onslaught of tenderness and non-refundable vulnerability. 

WINNER: Funny Women Stage Award 2022

THE JAIN EDWARDS SHOW, MAY 26. £14 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

A multimedia extravaganza like no other! Join host Jain Edwards in her debut Brighton Fringe show featuring bizarre characters, mind-altering songs and wild happenings. 

"If your tastes in comedy tend toward the weird, wonderful and painfully funny, The Jain Edwards Show is the one for you." (Creative Tourist)

BENJAMIN ALBOROUGH: ABSOLUTE MONOPOLY, MAY 27. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

A bold, chaotic and interactive twist to a game everyone knows. Join Benjamin Alborough as he commands audience members to compete against each other and the host while physically becoming the game board. An extravagant combination of physical challenges, role-playing and a bit of psychological intimidation. 

“Benjamin Alborough commanded audience attention with a game show host charisma, which made his audience comfortable enough to heckle and yet terrified to go for a piss.” ★★★★★ (Edfringe Review)

CABARET IMPEDIMENTA, MAY 27. £14 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco) 

An impossible variety show hosted by John-Luke Roberts. See how cabaret performers attempt to put on a show while being confronted by more and more obstacles and increasingly difficult circumstances. 

"A brilliant concept, exactly what the Fringe is all about." (RGM)


Charles Quarterman invites you to an evening filled with stories from the mind, poems from the heart and sounds from the larynx. 

"Quarterman's curious prose clutches the heart and slowly massages the soul while rhythmically tapping away at the funny bone" (Chicago Arts Gazette Fortnightly).

DRE SPISTO: EL DIZZY BEAST, MAY 27. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

A show about a queer, autistic, Latinx caterpillar on the edge. The edge of ultimate super-trans-morphosis? Or the edge of the bed? It’s up to you to find out.

“So unique it takes the category box and smashes it into oblivion” (List) 

MARK SILCOX: I CAN CURE…(PERFECT AND ARENA-READY SHOW), MAY 27. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco) 

Dr Silcox returns with his perfect show for his hard-core fans, with his unique and no-nonsense approach, he exposes big pharmaceutical companies who rip off their customers through cough medicine. Full of guidance to achieve the purpose of life and learn about the evolution of homosexuality.

"Strange, beautiful... the true essence of the Fringe." ★★★★★ (Young Perspective)

CHARLIE PARTRIDGE: ACID KLAUSS, MA 28. £10 (Brighton Spigeltent: Bosco)

Don’t miss Charlie Partridge, writer and comedian who has performed for audiences from Paris to LA,  as he performs as Klaus from Stuttgart.

“A force of nature” ★★★★ (Broadway Baby )

FOXDOG STUDIOS: ROBO BINGO, MAY 28. £8 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Foxdog Studios, the IT consultants who create onstage inventions the audience controls using their phones, are bringing their interpretation of bingo to Brighton. Expect bizarre DIY technology, musical inventions and a crowd-operated, phone-tap-powered BINGO ROBOT. 

Warning: do not attend if you want to play actual bingo!

"Ridiculous, unique, and so funny your face will hurt" ★★★★★ (The Skinny) 

SÉAYONCÉ RES-ERECTION, MAY 28 & JUNE, 2, 3. £14 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

This fusion of stand-up, cabaret and drag elevates alternative comedy and queer performance to a cosmic level. Creator and performer of Séayoncé, Dan Wye, brings a winning combination of brilliant comedic timing, high-calibre theatrics and tantalising audience interaction. 

 “It’s a hilarious, outrageous, and fabulously queer show”★★★★★ (Deadline)


For the first time, internationally acclaimed clown Ella The Great ('lights up the stage' -The Scotsman) brings together a collection of playful acts grown from the UK Drag and Cabaret scene.

In this inventive hour of visual comedy and circus, we are invited into a world of possibilities by the enchanting 'Richard Melanin The Third.' inspired by silent cinema, mime and the absurd, this "king of clowning brings it every time" (BoiBox London)

'Richard Melanin III is pure joy in drag/clown form and had the audience giggling like schoolchildren' ( Theatre And Other Things LDN)

ELF LYONS: COMEDY, MAY 29. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Don’t miss Elf Lyons as she performs an hour of anarchic comedy. Straight stand-up, live art, clown and sound foley. It will be what it will be, most definitely chaos.

“This is comedy as enchantment, a show so beguiling that you don’t just love it, you somehow fall in love with it.” ★★★★(The Scotsman)

SIÂN DOCKSEY: POLE YOURSELF TOGETHER!, MAY 29. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Pole dancing comedian Siân Docksey cheerfully ignores climate disaster, another recession and the steady creep of fascism, in this brand new genre-smashing philosophical dance comedy party.

“It’s awesome and like no comedy you’ve ever seen” (Funny Women Guide)

Get your weird on and book your tickets now! 

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