Brighton Fringe 2023 takes place from May 5 to June 4 and is ready to present to Brighton and beyond more than 700 events tailored for everyone.

Brighton Fringe works closely with local and national organisations to offer bursaries and opportunities to participants to bring their work to life at Brighton Fringe.

Here are the bursary winner comedy events of the 2023 season.

Get your tickets and get ready to laugh.

ROSALIE MINNIT: CLEMENTINE, MAY 5, 6, 7. £10 (The Rotunda Theatre: Squeak)

This is a one-woman character comedy show about self-esteem, single life and Sylvanian families. Through storytelling, interactive exploration, music and comedy, Clementine provides an abstract, feel-good, empowering ode to womanhood with a dash of history and an eclectic mix of pop-culture references.

Bursary Winner: Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary

STIMMICANTO, MAY, 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 17. £5 (Presuming Ed's)

Don't miss this comedy show about hope, new beginnings and neurodivergence. Paggy, an autistic performer, will be your guide for a high-energy adventure where ‘stimming’ and ‘encanto’ (‘joy’ in Spanish) join forces to create the ultimate hour of offbeat comedy.

Bursary Winner: Pebble Trust Young People

STILL GOT IT!, MAY 6, 7. (Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant)

Join these four comedians whose total ages add up to over 250 years. Come and see if older comedians do it better!

Bursary Winner: Lion's Bursary

'DAD, PLAYBOY & ME...NOT YOUR AVERAGE SLIDESHOW', MAY 10, 11, 12. £10 (Caravanserai Junk Poets)

Take an intimate look behind the Playboy Club through the lens of archived film rescued from a flooded basement in New Jersey.

What started as a hobby one Covid morning turned into a visual dialogue through a sizeable body of photographic work and artistic interest between photographer and archiver, father and daughter.

Bursary Winner: Brighton & Hove Pride

BEYOND THE NOSE, MAY 10 AND JUNE 1. £10 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Physical comedian Chris Cresswell invites you to an evening filled with improv, dance and mime accompanied by his Age is a Stage theatre company. Together they have devised a stream of playful adventures spanning hilarity and pathos, unlike anything you will have seen this year.


Cerys is not mean enough to be funny, apparently. But actually, they're too mean sometimes. They find it hard to know where the line is. (Probably because it was drawn by neurotypicals…) Help them work it out at this work-in-progress show. But, prepare yourselves. Cerys is going to try their best to be really mean.

Bursary Winner: Brighton & Hove Pride


Irish Stand-up comedian Ruth Hunter makes her debut at Brighton Fringe with her new Work in Progress: The Ruth is on Fire.!

Bursary Winner: Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary

RAMBUNCTIOUS SCALLYWAG, MAY 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 AND JUNE 3, 4. £10 (Caravanserai Brighton Junk Poets)

A brand new stand-up show from a Pebble Trust Bursary Winner, Rambunctious Scallywag is a joyful journey through the quarter-life crisis of a 24-year-old who's lived a thousand lives.

Bursary Winner: Pebble Trust Young People

SU MI: BANANA BEARD, MAY 20, 21. £7 (The Actors- Theatre)

A surreal misadventure of absurdist sketch, untamed thrash metal guitar solos and imaginary costumed personas brought to you by Su Mi, a British Malaysian alternative comedienne and musician sharing her cultivating tales of her own cultural identity.

Bursary Winners: Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary

IT'S A BOY?, MAY 22, 23, 24, 29. £3 (Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (Raised Room))

It's a Boy? is the debut show from the wildly creative comic mind of Ben Hodge exploring his transgender identity in relation to growing up in a world where his own transgender identity was sought out through Yorkie bars, Closer magazine and second hand catholic guilt.

Bursary Winner: Brighton & Hove Pride

GENTRIF*CKED (WORK IN PROGRESS), MAY 24, 25, 26. £3 (Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick)

Gentrif*cked - work-in-progress - is a Fringe Bursary supported debut show about finding your purpose. Join Kate on a journey through village life, thirty-something existential crises and finding belonging without joining a cult (specifically not like her grandma did).

Bursary Winner: Staff Bursary -Amy & Rhiannon

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE SONG?, MAY 25, 26, 27 , 28 . £5 (Junkyard Dogs at the Round Georges)

Eppie takes you on an odyssey through popular music, reimagining all your favourite hits from the 1950s to today. An accomplished guitarist and songwriter, no genre is left untouched. The Beatles to Black Sabbath, boy bands to the blues, all come under hilarious attack.

Bursary Winner: Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary

THE SEWAGE, JUNE, 1, 2, 3, 4. £8 (Brighton Youth Centre)

This new piece of devised work uses bouffon, slapstick, toilet-paper-dance, and other silliness to tell its story. Join them on this journey into the grotesque and find beauty on the way.

Bursary Winner: Pebble Trust Young People

FRYDAYS, JUNE 3, 4. £12.50 (Komedia Studio)

Louis Turner and Madeline Hatt write and star in this high octane two hander as Chris and Chriss as well as the array of madcap characters they meet along their surreal imaginary journey.
With a seemingly endless supply of musical instruments and always with a song to help things along, FRYDAYS will have your bodies bopping and the laughs never stopping.

Bursary Winner: Staff Bursary - Amy & Rhiannon

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