Brighton fringe 2023 bursary winners Circus, dance & physical theatre events

Brighton Fringe 2023 takes place from May 5 to June 4 and is ready to present to Brighton and beyond more than 700 events tailored for everyone.

Brighton Fringe works closely with local and national organisations to offer bursaries and opportunities to participants to bring their work to life at Brighton Fringe.

Here are the bursary winners of the circus, dance and physical theatre events of the 2023 season.


If you want to do something that might be a little bit out of your comfort zone, yet will give you the time of your life, then this Fringe activity is definitely something you may want to try. Dress up in your coolest fancy dress and everything you ever wanted to wear, but never got an opportunity for, because now is your moment! This is like a silent disco, only…. It is not silent, you don't sing (but are of course welcome to if you would like to), and you will not wear any headsets. Everyone is welcome!

Bursary Winner: Encore Insure Bursary

SO-FA, SO GOOD, MAY 29, 30. £5 (Caravanserai Brighton: Junk Poets)

An explorative and light-hearted performance about the trials and tribulations of flat share.The work delves into the many trials and tribulations faced when living together in a shared flat. So-fa, So Good is an episodic piece that includes dance, physical theatre, lip sync and audience interaction, with a few cheeky nods to popular culture.

Bursary Winner: Staff Bursary - Betty's Dance Bursary

MARY (AND THE PERFECTLY POSSIBLE BUT PROBABLY IMPLAUSIBLE PERHAPS PARADE), JUNE 2, 3, 4. £10 (One Church Brighton - Gloucester Place - Sanctuary (Main Hall) )

Tick Tock Bridget’s latest dance theatre show ’Mary (and the Perfectly Possible but Probably Improbable Perhaps Parade)’ explores the miraculous, mythical, and mundane edges of our being. A modern-day fable, and a grand celebration of humanity’s unstoppable curiosity.

Bursary Winner: Bob's Bursary

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