The Formidable Lizzie Boone | Brighton Fringe
The Formidable Lizzie Boone
The Formidable Lizzie Boone
The Formidable Lizzie Boone

The Formidable Lizzie Boone

By Selina Helliwell Productions

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Age suitability: 16 +
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Content Warning:
References to Sexual Abuse, References to Mental Illness, Swearing, Partial nudity (burlesque).
What do you get when you combine a wedding ring, burlesque and Pacman? Well, if you're Lizzie Boone, you might get therapy...

From the multi-award-winning Selina Helliwell, 'The Formidable Lizzie Boone' will pull you into Lizzie's world for a night of drama, healing and dark humour. Centred around a therapists office, this one-woman show explores the intricacies of humanity through a woman who loves vodka with lemonade and a cat called Lionel.

Lizzie catapults us through her life; from the torment of school bullies to darker experiences and chaotic spirals; the pieces of her life that jammed together, eventually pushing her over the edge and into her recent breakdown. With lively voice-overs bringing to life an array of characters from soothing therapist Marie to wild child Debz, amongst others, this play is bursting with soul and humanity.

A burlesque dance scene also features, showing off the sensual and theatrical side of burlesque and highlighting ‘the art of tease’ to be a way of finding your own spark and celebrating your womanhood.

Trigger Warning: Contains references to mental health/breakdowns and sexual assault.

So join Lizzie Boone for a night of drama, dark comedy and maybe a nipple tassel or two...

WINNER 'Best New Producer' GMFringe Awards 2021. NOMINATED 'Best Drama' GMFringe Awards 2021. NOMINATED 'Best Actor' GMFringe Awards 2021.

"a poetic, imaginative and compelling stage performance" (She-Wolf),
"a quirky, likeable trip through the inner life of an urban young woman" (Number 9 Reviews),
"a bold choice and a well-executed piece" (Manchester Theatre Academy)
19 May 2022 19:45 - 20:50
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20 May 2022 18:15 - 19:20
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21 May 2022 15:15 - 16:20
Friends of the Fringe (241)
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