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Sian Willett

Venue Managers Observer to the Board

Sian Willett is the Studio and Hires Manager at South East Dance.

On joining the board:
As the Studio and Hires Manager for South East Dance I understand the challenges venues are facing with funding cuts and working in a post-pandemic world. I want other Venue Managers to feel they aren’t alone and that Brighton Fringe is there to support them, not just during May, but year round.

How do you hope to impact of Brighton Fringe going forward:
I hope to strengthen the community and network of venues in Brighton and continue to give the team at Brighton Fringe and the Board a deeper understanding of the brilliant venues we have as part of Brighton Fringe and the challenges they might be facing. I want to see them succeed and continue to keep the Fringe a vibrant and diverse festival through the unique venues we have in Brighton.

Contact Sian: [email protected].


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