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Joanna Botwood

Board Member

Joanna is a passionate, purpose-driven, creative marketer with over 20 years experience building global brands, product development and new innovations. From spirits, to soap, to sausages – Joanna has a wealth of experience in the commercial world, transforming commodity products into brands that consumers love. Having lived in both USA and Europe, Joanna has worked across continents, cultures and a diverse consumer base. What is consistent, is her motivation of how creativity is the most critical human resource available to us and yet has the power to connect us all. 

Joanna has been living in Brighton & Hove for 7 years, moving here from London with her partner and 2 kids. 

‘Brighton was a destination I fell in love with as a child. It was where my parents met in 1974, and it was always a family favourite for weekends away. Moving here in 2017, this eccentric, energetic and eclectic city quickly won my heart. Brighton is a bustling hub of culture, culinary delight, and creativity. Brighton Fringe is at the heart of everything Brighton represents – a world stage that pushes the boundaries in diversity of thought, creativity and form.  

I felt privileged to be invited to be a Trustee of Brighton Fringe. Not only do I want to help stretch, develop and grow the reputation and scale of this festival. But I feel a responsibility as a Brighton citizen, to help to propel and promote the vibrancy, colour and character of this glorious city to an international audience.’


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