The 2022 PPL PRS tariffs for eligible events have not yet been confirmed, but will be similar to the tariffs shown below. 

What is PPL PRS and Do I Have to Pay?

PPL PRS Ltd is a not-for-profit music licensing organisation that collects royalties on behalf of its 104,000 songwriter, composer and publisher members whenever their music is played, performed, broadcast or reproduced.

All events in the 2022 season must complete the music section of their Eventotron registration by midday 17 June 2022.

PPL PRS (Phonographic Performance Limited/The Performing Right Society) collect licence fees from UK businesses and organisations on behalf of their parent companies, PPL and PRS for Music. Despite this merger, the two organisations still collect licence fees covering two different kinds of music rights. You may be required to pay a music licence fee to cover you for one, or both, of these licensing areas.

PPL then distributes these music licence fees for the use of recorded music on behalf of record companies and performers, while PRS for Music distributes music licence fees for the use of musical compositions and lyrics on behalf of songwriters, composers and publishers. 

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 says that permission is required from the copyright owner in order to play music in public - i.e. outside the home and domestic life. 

A PPL PRS licence makes it easy to get the permission you need, allowing millions of copyright songs to be played live or by any recorded means (for example, on CD or jukebox) or via the internet, TV or radio. A PPL PRS Licence is required for music use whether you are playing that music live, using a recorded version, or via a TV or radio broadcast.

If your Brighton Fringe 2022 event charges an entry fee, you must provide a list of music used in your event in the registration form, in the Music section. This information will then be passed on to PPL PRS Ltd on your behalf. 

Please read our guide on How to complete the music section (not yet updated for 2022) which should answer all of your questions regarding PPL PRS and will guide you through the process of entering your music into your event registration.

If you are using any music in your event, Brighton Fringe will advise you if there will be a fee payable to PPL PRS. The PPL PRS fee will be deducted from your Brighton Fringe Box Office settlement.

If you have any questions regarding the use of music in your event, please contact

Digital Events

Fringe events wishing to digitally live stream a small-scale ticketed event originating in the UK have to obtain an OLC licence. This includes DJs, classical and popular music as well as theatre and variety shows.  

The licence needs to arranged and paid through PPL PRS. please email or call +44 (0)20 3741 3888 to arrange a licence before 17 June 2021. You can find more information about OLC licences here.

PRS Tariffs

Type of eventMusic UseChargeDetails of music to be provided?
Free event, with no charge for admission, with a capacity of less than 1000AnyNo chargeNo
Music event, with a capacity of less than 1000Any4% of total ticket receiptsYes
Other shows, with capacity of less than 10002  minutes or lessNo chargeNo
Other shows, with capacity of less than 1000Background music onlyEach venue must either hold an existing PRS or PPL PRS licence to permit this music use in their premises or the Venue must apply to the Agent and pay a licence fee of £40.80 + VAT for the duration of the Fringe.No
Other shows, with capacity of less than 1000Any4% of total ticket receipts (if playlist not submitted in advance)Yes
Other shows, with capacity of less than 1000Over 2 and no more than 15 minutes0.5% of total ticket receipts, if full details are submitted in advanceYes
Other shows, with capacity of less than 1000Over 15 and no more than 30 minutes1.5% of total ticket receipts, if full details are submitted in advanceYes
Other shows, with capacity of less than 1000Over 30 minutes4% of total ticket receipts, if full details are submitted in advanceYes
Any show with a capacity of 1000 or moreAnyThese events must be licensed directly by PPL PRS. Call PPL PRS at 0800 0720 808 As per the terms of any licence issued

PPL Tariffs

Exclusions: Any event where fees would normally be payable under PPL’s Specially Featured Entertainment tariff (SFE) e.g. discos, DJ sets or under PPL’s fashion shows tariff or any shows using music videos which will be licensed under the relevant VPL tariff


  • Amateur Performances: where money derived from the show is to cover expenses, transportation, production costs etc.
  • Professional Performances: where the aim of the performance is to drive an income (even if no income is made) i.e. for a wage, to generate revenue, advertising for a professional show later in the year etc.

Royalties due per performance (excluding VAT):

Amateur performances:

Minutes of recorded music per performanceTotal attendance at the performance
Up to 3 minutes£0.50£0.75£1.00£1.25
3 to 30 mins£0.94£1.14£1.34£1.54
31 to 60 mins£1.14£1.34£1.54£1.74
61 to 90 mins£1.34£1.54£1.74£1.94
90+ mins£1.54£1.74£1.94£2.14

The fees payable per production will be capped at £66.20 irrespective of the number of performances. 

Professional performances:

Minutes of recorded music per performanceAttendance
0.01 -
2.51 - 51.471.972.482.983.483.98
5.01 - 102.953.954.965.966.977.97
10.01 - 154.435.937.448.9510.4511.96
15.01 - 205.907.919.9211.9313.9415.95
20.01 - 25.007.389.8912.4014.9217.4319.94
25.01 - 30.008.8511.8714.8817.9020.9123.93
Each additional 5 mins or part thereof+1.48+1.98+2.48+2.98+3.49+3.99