Fringe Academy: How to Write a Press Release | Brighton Fringe

Fringe Academy: How to Write a Press Release

Körper by DFphotography

Once you have registered a Brighton Fringe event you will have access to download our 2020 Arts Industry Contact List, as well as our 2020 Media & Press list. You will be able to download these lists from the 'Documents' section of an event registration in Eventotron by logging in at when they become available.

Please note that the Arts Industry Contact List will regularly have new contacts added so make sure to check back for the latest version.

Here are some tips from our Marketing team:

  • The Press Release should be a Word doc (not a PDF of the release - and definitely not a JPEG image of the release)
  • Send only two pictures - one landscape, one portrait, both JPEG’s of 2-3 MB.
  • Don’t say "high-res JPEG’s available on request" - best just to send in the first instance.
  • Don’t send a Dropbox link for these, just attach a couple.

Download our full guide on writing a press release here