Brighton Fringe discourages hand-to-hand flyering during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

You might still want to get some flyers printed to leave at your venue and businesses around town, but we’d encourage participants to look into alternative ways of spreading news about their shows. You might want to display a QR code, or direct people to the website or app, or put more into your social media campaign.

In April 2008 Brighton and Hove City Council introduced a flyering ban, preventing the distribution of free printed materials. This has meant that if you would like to flyer in Brighton & Hove, you must obtain a personal license. Brighton Fringe have coordinated free flyering passes for Brighton Fringe Participants with Brighton & Hove Council, enabling flyering throughout the festival in any areas of Brighton & Hove, any time of day, 7 days a week. 

All you need to do is include the Brighton Fringe logo on your flyers, this will act as your pass. And of course, you must have a registered Brighton Fringe 2022 event to be eligible.

Please note: the Brighton Fringe 2015 paint-stroke logo is no longer in use and will not be accepted as a pass. 

Brighton Fringe 2022 Logo: 

brighton fringe logo

(The only logo accepted as a flyering pass)

For more information on flyering, visit Brighton and Hove City Council website 


Fly-posting is putting up posters or stickers on properties or street items without consent from the owner. Examples of fly-posting would be:

  • sticking posters onto boarded up shops advertising a gig
  • attaching a poster or flyer to a lamppost
  • putting stickers onto road signs showing political statements

Please note that fly-posting is illegal and any costs incurred by Brighton Fringe due to flyposting will be charged to the promoter.