WINNER: The Tragedy of Dorian Grey by Blue Devil Productions

This scheme recognises great online theatre being performed at Brighton Fringe 2021. A number of online reviewers and bloggers have agreed to participate as OffFest assessors.  

An online theatre show can invite these reviewers and bloggers to watch their show – though their  attendance depends on their availability and other factors – we cannot guarantee that all shows will be  seen by reviewers who are also OffFest assessors.  

To receive an OffFest, a show needs to receive a nomination from at least two OffFest assessors. Once  two such nominations are received, an OffFest will be awarded to the show – this will be confirmed via  email to the company / producer, and it will also be announced via Twitter - @offwestendcom.  

In addition, all awardees will be listed on Shows awarded an OffFest will also be recognised at the annual Offies awards ceremony. 

Please note that an OffFest is awarded for the overall theatre show – there are no separate OffFests for performance, design, direction, etc. Please note the OffFest does not cover stand-up comedy. 

If you are a company / producer / who wishes to be considered for an OffFest, apart from inviting  reviewers, please email with your contact details and an image of the show, as well  as details of any co-producers, and your Twitter handles – and do follow us on Twitter - @offwestendcom.  


The following reviewers and bloggers have agreed to participate – you are free to invite them to watch  your show but, as stated above, there is no guarantee they will be able to accept all invitations: 

NamePublicationEmail address  
Elsa Monteith 
Louise Penn 
Sara Darling Bespoke Black 
Lucy Basaba Theatre Full
Brian ButlerScene 
Caroline WorswickNorth West End
Elaine Chapman Theatre & Arts

The OffFest is one of the awards offered by OffWestEnd, which include the Offies,  the OffComm and the OnComm. In 2021, OffWestEnd is expanding beyond London  – as Theatres Off – and is delighted to be working with the Brighton Fringe. 

If you have any questions, please contact Geoffrey Brown at OffWestEnd: