Accreditation for Arts Industry Professionals is now open! Apply for accreditation using the Google form embedded below. Each year we invite a wide range of Arts Industry Professionals to attend Brighton Fringe, in the hope that they will help our participants further their careers and take their work to new audiences.

The Arts Industry Professionals who are invited include:

  • UK and International Venues
  • UK and International Festivals
  • Tour Bookers
  • Agents
  • Rural Touring Networks
  • Freelance Producers and Directors
  • Funders
  • Local Authority Arts Officers

In 2019 our visiting Arts Industry Professionals requested over 500 tickets to over 250 shows. This has led to many events receiving further tour dates, including internationally.

Once accredited, Arts Industry Professionals have access to our full range of services:

  • Regular Arts Industry E-Bulletins
  • Suggested events (based on their application form responses)
  • Invitations to bespoke events and networking opportunities
  • Complimentary ticketing service –subject to availability
  • Concierge – they tell us when they’ll be in Brighton and the type of work they’d like to see and we create a bespoke schedule.
  • A closed Facebook group to discuss events and keep in touch before, during and after Brighton Fringe.


  • Make sure you’ve agreed to us offering complimentary tickets for your event to Arts Industry Professionals (in the registration form).
  • Make sure you look through the Arts Industry Contact List when it’s shared with you – make a note of anyone you would like to see your event.
  • Research anyone you don’t know about.
  • Make sure your work matches their interests – otherwise it’s a waste of time.
  • Invite people yourself! Email them, they will be interested in hearing from you!
  • Make sure you've uploaded your most up to date tour pack in Eventotron and give us permission to share your details
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Brighton Fringe Arts Industry Office: