Want to give more?

Want to give more? Hot damn! Sounds like you love Brighton Fringe and believe in our work. Get in touch with Robert to talk about how you can become a patron

Other Ways to Support Us

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Can’t donate today? It’s okay! There are other ways to help us as we navigate lockdown and prepare for the festival.

Betterpoints - find us on the Betterpoints App, and raise money for Brighton Fringe everytime you go for a walk, bikeride, or take public transport in Brighton and Hove!

Amazon Smile - List Brighton Fringe Ltd. as your charity of choice and support us whenever you make an Amazon purchase.

Volunteer - help out Brighton Fringe’s fundraising corps by filling out this form.

Partnerships - You might not be able to give, but your employer might! More information here

Easyfundraising - Support us when you shop online. List us as your charity at easyfundraising.org.uk

Corporate Matching Gift - Your company may already have a Corporate Matching Gift scheme, check with your manager to see if your company qualifies. Find out more here and get in touch with your HR manager.

Legacy Gift - To ensure we thrive in Brighton & Hove for generations, you can make a planned gift to Brighton Fringe. Contact us today.