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69 sketches in the space of an hour? The fastest sketch show at the Fringe returns, but this time with a thief running through the production and stealing bits of the skits. Sound effects, sections of the script, and even charisma have all been burgled.

“An excellent comedy show” ★★★★ (Broadway Baby)
"Veronica Lee's 'Best of the Rest of the Fest" ★★★★★ (Scottish Daily Mail)
"The hit-rate of their sketches are high" (The List)
"An A+ sketch show" (The Brighton Seagull)

As for the sketches untampered by the thief, you’ll find a sentient self-checkout machine, an awkward reunion for the Iceberg and the Titanic, and returning audience-favourite – the classic guessing-game of ‘Goalkeeper or Crab’.

Featuring DazzReviews, as seen on his popular YouTube channel!

Embracing TikTok's destruction of the human attention-span, this is an hour of high-octane comedy that puts the speed of the internet onto the stage.


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