Planet of the Grapes - Live on Demand!

Digital Events 2022

Can’t make it down in person to Brighton Fringe this year? Fear not. Our programme features some amazing digital events for a #CuriouslyFringe experience from the comfort of your own home - or wherever you happen to be in the world! With more than 30 events to stream live and on demand, here’s a handful of highlights to get your started…

The Tragedy of Dorian Gray

The OffFest award-winning hit play of Brighton Fringe 2021, The Tragedy of Dorian Gray, returns with this stunning, black & white digital version. It’s 1965, the world has changed and London is swinging. In a studio in Chelsea, a young man is about to have his portrait painted. From there, Dorian’s story of fame, vanity, lust and corruption plays out against the changing music and fashions as the decades pass - a twisted odyssey of heartbreak, betrayal and a touch of bloody murder.


In third grade, Diana kicked her crush in the crotch and her love life didn’t improve from there. What starts as an innocent look into her relationship past, turns into a comedic and heartbreakingly raw exploration of dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation - told through the voices of 35 characters. Using comedy to take us through tragedy, Shattered ultimately tells the tale of one individual picking up the broken pieces of herself and learning to live again.

Planet of the Grapes - Live On Demand

The Victorian era’s toy theatre movement collides with digital theatre in this live performance video capture of Peter Michael Marino's internationally-acclaimed, epic, table-top, sci-fi adventure. An astronaut crew crash lands on an unfamiliar planet in the distant future and are enslaved by a society where grapes have evolved into speaking creatures with human-like intelligence.

落叶归根 (Luò yè guī gēn) Getting Home

Supported by the City of Melbourne through SIGNAL’s Young Creatives Lab, 落叶归根 Getting Home is a one-woman show that interrogates the conflict between a woman’s ambition and her sense of duty and longing to be with her family.

Rough Night

We've all had rough nights, but this one is one of the roughest. Declan woke up in a ditch. Liv is never drinking again. Jamie's had an existential crisis. And Sarah is missing. Retrace their steps, learn their stories, find their friend. After an end of summer house party goes awry, the world of four close friends are utterly changed. In this part-theatre, part-installation, explore the online lives of these people and discover what happened that night.

I/O (Volume 3)

A quadruple-bill of four short pieces, Flow and Trajectories of Transitions from calligrapher and choreographer Chiharu Kuronuma, and Coordinated Distance and Part of Empties from juggler Teruki Okamoto. Together they investigate choreography as a part of a research process that unites dance and juggling with perspectives of calligraphy and digital programming. Chiharu Kuronuma has developed a theoretical framework for integrating 2D calligraphy into a 3D bodily expression by employing aspects of the Laban Movement Analysis. Asian Arts Award winner Teruki Okamoto has been working on the discovery of the Principle of Motion.

Disenchanted: A Cabaret of Twisted Fairy Tales

Why was the Wolf in Grandma's bed? Did Sleeping Beauty have an opinion on consent? Were the Ugly Sisters’ feet really that big? How does a goose inspire revolution? Find out in this sexy, subversive cabaret. Join vivacious Madame d’Aulnoy in this award-winning digital event. 

Madman William

Three men walk into a bar – a Dane, a Swain, and a Thane. Tired of their tragic lives and nightly deaths, Hamlet, King Lear and Macbeth seek to escape their storylines. As they conspire to be free of their creator and flee their destinies, they are interrupted by none other than the author himself, Will Shakespeare. The tragedy escalates into mayhem and mischief once Mercutio arrives... Will the plotting protagonists prevail? Can Shakespeare stop his conspiring characters and save himself? It may end in murder, but whose?

Mr Dilly’s Alice in Wonderland

Join Mr Dilly and MacMillan Children’s Books on a joyous journey to the magical world of Wonderland, where nothing is as it seems! Celebrating 150 years of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, you’re invited to a unique first-person glimpse into Wonderland. Meet your favourite unforgettable characters as Mr Dilly brings to life the grinning Cheshire Cat, the anxious White Rabbit, the noble White Knight; and join an endless tea-party with the Mad Hatter himself. Don’t be late: you’d be mad to miss it!

Becky Fury: C*nt!

Profanity and Powerpoint collide in a show which is partly an irreverent, illustrated history of the c-word and partly just an excuse to indulge in the simple joy of calling people c*nts! Becky Fury is a comic artist and stand-up comedian who has won awards at a number of art festivals in the UK for her innovative and creative approach to making comic theatre. Becky is brown, bisexual, and was waving rainbow flags around way before it was cool.

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