Celebrate Pride Month at Brighton Fringe

There are over 40 LGBTQI+ events on at Brighton Fringe this June, so whilst Brighton Pride may be cancelled, there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate in the city this year.

But first, a little bit of history:

Pride Month takes place in June to pay tribute to those who were involved in the Stonewall Uprising in June 1969. Among the leaders were black, trans, bisexual activist Marsha P. Johnson, lifelong gay rights activist and drag performer Stormé DeLarverie and gay liberation and transgender rights activist Sylvia Rivera. Six days of riots and protests against police brutality followed as protestors demanded safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people free from police harassment and violence. To read more about the Stonewall Uprising, click here.

Here are some events not to miss this Pride Month at Brighton Fringe:

The Face of the Other By SEAS - Socially Engaged Art Salon

An exhibition that investigates the issues of visibility/invisibility, otherness and hospitality. The exhibition includes photography, paintings, video art and installations.

The first part of the exhibition will take place at the BMECP centre and the windows of the Ledward Centre between 1 May - 12 June, and the second part of the exhibition between 12 June - 24 July.

This event is supported by the Irene Mensah Bursary and Arts Council England.

The History Bois at ONCA Barge: Meeting the Unruly Dead online workshop By The History Bois

Part of The History Bois residency at ONCA barge, this online workshop run by poet, drag king and artist SL Grange is for folks wanting to connect with their Queer tr/ancestors. Using writing, drawing and performative processes, we’ll create our own rituals and art to uncover, honour and meet lost queer heroes. If you already know which member of the unruly dead you want to work with, bring them along. Alternatively, SL Grange can suggest some historical Queeroes for you to discover during the workshop. All art practices at all levels of experience welcome. You'll just need a bit of uninterrupted time and space to participate via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Gaywatch By Simon David

Sun, sea, sex, slow motion running... but make it gay! 

Musical comedian Simon David swaps LA beaches for Brighton Pier to host a variety show fit for ‘The Hoff’! Guests include the hilarious Sikisa (Jonathan Ross’ 'Comedy Club'), saxy drag queen Snow White Trash (ITV1’s 'Game of Talents'), burlesque stud Dave The Bear (BBC1’s 'Altogether Now') and the iconic Alfie Ordinary (Award-Winning Drag Prince). Dust off your low-cut leotard, grab a float and dive into the best of Brighton!

Chosen Family By ibizo lami

Celebrating unconditional love and kinship. 'Chosen Family' is set in a doctor’s waiting room, and delves into the memories of the narrator to identify the individuals who have helped her in her mental health recovery journey. It is a raw and heartwarming lesson in learning to trust others.

Sound Cistem By Plaster Cast Theatre

Two transgender performers say, "up yours!" to the gender binary and invite you to their radical dance party! Under disco lights, over pulsing music, a queer celebration takes place. Set in nightclubs, 'Sound Cistem' is an exuberant verbatim show about the cisgender gaze on the transgender body.

Featuring recorded interviews from trans and non-binary people, a self-love manifesto is made through riotous, glittering disco. This duo keep moving to reject conformity and shame, despite the current transgender debate. See the beauty in these bodies, and your own, too.

The first part of the exhibition will take place at the BMECP centre and the windows of The Ledward Centre between 1 May - 12 June, and the second part of the exhibition between 12 June - 24 July.

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