Brighton Fringe x Silicon Brighton: Enrichment Partnership

Brighton Fringe is delighted to announce that its Enrichment Partner for 2024 is Silicon Brighton.

The Enrichment Partnership between Brighton Fringe and Silicon Brighton marks a dynamic collaboration that merges the worlds of arts and technology. By joining forces, these two organisations aim to cultivate a unique and innovative platform that harnesses the power of Silicon Brighton's tech connections to enhance and enrich the experiences of artists and audiences at Brighton Fringe. This partnership seeks leverage technology to help artists up-skill and foster an environment where the arts and technology converge in the city.

The two organisations will be running a series of schemes as part of the partnership.

Support for Artists

Silicon Brighton and their network of digitally and technically minded members will be providing support for Brighton Fringe artists to develop their technical skills.

We will be supporting artists with videography for their event, coding trading sessions and more.

To find out more about these opportunities and get involved, click here.


Brighton Fringe and Silicon Brighton will collaboratively host several events to benefit both their communities, whether networking and skill swap events or a good old-fashioned party hosted by Brighton Fringe performers for audiences to enjoy.

Brighton Fringe performers Kate-Lois Elliott, Dru Cripps and Kiki La Hula have already gotten involved at Silicon Brighton Leaders Big Festive.


Brighton Fringe will also curate recommendations for tech-adjacent or related events and offer ‘no booking fees’ discount codes to Silicon Brighton members, encouraging them to enjoy all that’s on offer during Brighton Fringe.

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