Brighton Fringe Dutch Season 2022

Brighton Fringe Dutch Season 2022

Brighton Fringe are delighted to welcome back a brand new Dutch Season for 2022 supported by The Embassy of The Netherlands, Fonds Podiumkunsten Performing Arts Fund NL and Amsterdam Fringe.

Brighton Fringe is a celebration of arts not only from the UK, but from across the globe. This year, you can catch some incredible, award-winning theatre and workshops from Amsterdam Fringe exclusively in Brighton. 

After The Echo - The Old Market 27 - 29 May

Mime duo DeRonde/Deroo explore the struggle and the beauty of melancholy in this award-winning, visually stunning physical performance. Set in a dark and windy winter dreamscape, After The Echo takes you on a surrealist journey punctuated by explosions of colour and warmth: a blood-and-thunder pop ballad in a red sequin dress, a roadside encounter with a golden stag, two lost souls in a storm longing for a Brazilian beach.

A Pole Tragedy - The Old Market 27 - 29 May

Up-and-coming performance artist Sofie Kramer searches for female autonomy and physical self-determination in a mind-blowing pole dancing performance based on "Iphigenia in Aulis", the famous Greek tragedy about the sacrifice of a young girl's body. In a sweaty duet between her body and a sky high pole, Kramer examines the thin line between violence and the erotic. Together with sound artist Mári Máko, she built her own interactive dancing pole, which she plays with her body as a musical instrument. The hard, immobile piece of steel comes to life in this dark female fantasy.

Am I A Robot?* - The Old Market 27 - 29 May

Funny, uncomfortable, provoking, sometimes with a delay, Sophia answers questions. Inspired by a true story, AM I A ROBOT?* invites you to encounter SOPHIA, a social humanoid robot that was activated on February 14, 2016 and is the first robot to receive citizenship of any country. AM I A ROBOT?* is a documentary show on the edge: an inappropriate circus demonstration to question our capability for empathy and explore our repetitive failure to recognise the rights of what is perceived as otherness.

Biopower - The Old Market 27 - 29 May

BioPower is an intimate storytelling performance which unveils the beautiful moments, but also the darker struggles of a relationship. It’s a labyrinth within a labyrinth style performance. While two storytellers act out the ideal couple; Sophie is a lawyer with never-ending insomnia and Francesco is a Tinder addict who lost his erection, their relationship on stage is strongly tested.

Finding Grace - Brighton Spielgeltent 14 May / The Old Market 28 - 29 May

A brand new dance theatre performance, created by award-winning, international theatre-maker Ester Natzijl, comes a tragi-comic tale about an existential self-styled guru who thinks they can lead humanity to salvation. Through a journey of dance, text and puppetry comes tribute to the powers of perseverance, imagination and belief.

Minus 9 - Sweet @ The Welly 26 May

From the outside, all seems to be silent, from the inside the first blast of the universe is making a big band. MINUS 9 is a tailor-made performance that is created for each single audience member. It is a solo made by/for the audience’s ear. In MINUS 9 the boundaries between musician and audience, between music and ritual, silence and sound, drumming and dreaming are broken down.

The Dutch season is also bringing immersive workshops in storytelling, body awareness, physical theatre and using your body as an instrument. 

Physical Theatre Workshop - The Old Market, Hove 27-29 May

Everything begins with movement. Explore the concepts of contemporary mime in a playful workshop with DeRonde/Deroo, the company behind the award-winning After The Echo. Mime is not about pretending, it’s about being. Unrelated to pantomime, this physical theatre practice is about analysing and understanding body language and applying it in a dramatic context; learning how to use your body and the space around it to tell a story.

Release The Heat: Sensual Body Awareness Workshop - The Old Market, Hove 28 May

Physical performer and pole dancer Sofie Kramer (A Pole Tragedy) will take you on a journey to connect to your sensual side and sink deeper into your body. She combines her practice as a pole dancer with movement techniques based on meditation and Taoism, creating a sense of bodily awareness that is about letting go and acceptance rather than living up to societal expectations around sensuality.

The Basics of Storytelling - The Old Market, Hove 29 May

Stories are the way we change minds and win hearts. Everyone has stories worth to be told. Storytelling is not a gift reserved for the chosen few – the journalist, screenwriter or novelist. It’s an art form everyone can learn and practice. In this workshop, we will work with you on basic storytelling techniques and give you a taste of how to craft a short story and share it with the audience in an engaging way. 

SONOGRAPHY: Becoming an Instrument - The Old Market, Hove 29 May

To explore body sound environments. To tease the equilibrium in the hierarchy of the senses. K&A extract out of 'MINUS 9', techniques of precise gestures to produce: white noise, electric signals, tremblings and train the musician in your hands, the vibrations of your anatomic concert halls. To cross the sound barrier.

Tickets to all Dutch season events, plus over 700 shows are on sale now. 

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