Our Big City sponsor, RedLeg Rum are offering 15% off all rum on their website this Bank Holiday weekend - use the code BANKHOLIDAYRUM.

We're very grateful for the support of RedLeg Rum, who have helped us get our billboards and bus adverts out around the streets of Brighton this year. RedLeg's Marketing Manger, Kirsten Jarin, said:

"Award-winning RedLeg Rum embodies the welcoming, laid-back spirit of the Caribbean, which also makes us so at home in Brighton, where we launched in 2013. As rum lovers we simply wanted to create the best tasting rum. We combine rums from across the Caribbean and leave them to rest in oak barrels before infusing with warming ginger and sweet vanilla for an incredibly smooth, great-tasting rum with a satisfying hint spice.

We’re so excited to spice things up and return to where it all began in support of Brighton Fringe and cannot wait to spread the RedLeg rum love across Brighton & Hove.

Whilst we wait for Brighton Fringe to kick off, you’ll find us about town, enjoying a RedLeg cocktail or two in Brighton’s best bars.

How should you drink it? Any way you like. Our rum is named after the RedLeg Hermit Crab who embodies a go-with-the-flow attitude and makes the most of now. We think everyone could learn from this laid-back little creature, so grab some mates, make some new mates, and share the spirit of the Caribbean.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as you’ll soon see our RedLeg hermit crab making its appearance across town. We can’t wait to see & meet you all soon."

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