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Brighton Fringe Support to Venues

Brighton Fringe supports its venues and Venue Managers year round. We run monthly meetings to discuss involvement in the festival, agenda points are set by both Brighton Fringe and participating Venue Managers.

Brighton Fringe provides practical advice and written resources for Venue Managers. These include the following:

- The complete guide to running a Brighton Fringe Venue
- Example schedule, this template can be downloaded and used by your venue
- Word copy of the Brighton Fringe registration form to send on to your companies (for use by Venue Managers who are registering shows and events)
- Brighton Fringe offers your full event listings information to other listings websites, upon request.
- Advice on running a box office. This is done through workshops, guides and over the telephone advice with Brighton Fringe’s Box Office Manager.
- Advice on relevant venue permissions, licences and fees including PRS, FEU and insurance.

Venue Manager Meetings

Brighton Fringe is committed to working with fringe venues in Brighton & Hove year-round. Venue Manager meetings are held every month. The next meeting will take place on Monday 12 October 2015, 10.30am - 12.30pm, Venue TBC. Please email participantservices [at] if you would like to attend or host the meeting. If you are running a Brighton Fringe venue or space and are not receiving invites to the meetings please email participantservices [at] to be added to the list.

Venue Directory


The Venue Directory is an online, year-round resource for acts looking for performance and exhibition space. It is free to be included and we like to encourage all venues to become registered. Take a look at venues currently in our directory here


If you’d like to register your venue to be part of our Venue Directory please complete this form and return to participantservices [at] with an image of your venue.


During the registration period (October – January), Brighton Fringe receives a high number of enquiries from artists who are looking for performance space to use during the festival. As a service to venues, we match the artists’ requirements with a suitable venue. For this reason, it is important that your venue page on the Venue Directory is kept up to date. If any information about your venue has changed, please contact participantservices [at]

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