All profits from online sales of Bird & Blend Tea Co. Cococabana Coola Tea are to be donated to Brighton Fringe to support their mission.

Bird & Blend Tea Co., the independent, award-winning tea mixology company, have named Brighton Fringe as their latest ChariTEA of the quarter. Every three months, a ChariTEA of the quarter is selected by a team member or customer of Bird & Blend Tea Co. to receive all profits from online sales of a selected tea. 

Bird and Blend Tea Co. is a registered B.Corp organisation that is committed to supporting causes in the local community, previous charities that have been named ChariTEA of the quarter have been Life After Cancer and Mental Health Mates. Through fundraising activities, TEAm volunteering days and the ChariTEA of the Quarter Programme, the team at Bird & Blend Tea Co. have raised over £60,000 for community causes.

Brighton Fringe is England’s largest arts festival and registered charity. In 2023, Brighton Fringe will run from May 5 to June 4 with more than 700 events happening across 100 venues in Brighton, Hove and beyond. Brighton Fringe has been a registered charity since October 2006, but receives no regular public funding and relies on grants and private donations to support its artists and venues alongside continuing to host the festival each year. 

Brighton Fringe Ltd CEO Julian Caddy said “We are delighted to have been chosen by the team at Bird & Blend Tea Co. to be the ChariTEA of the quarter. All profits from the online sales of our tea will be invested into Brighton Fringe to support us in our mission: to bring artists and audiences together and act as a catalyst for creativity, alongside supporting artists in their professional development and working towards making the arts accessible for all.” 

To celebrate the start of Spring and warmer months ahead, Brighton Fringe has chosen the Cococabana Coola Tea, a fruity, tropical and sweet blend as their chosen tea.

Bird & Blend TEa Co.’s Partnership & Innovation Assistant Georgina Webb said “Our ChariTEA of the Quarter Programme has been at the core of our business from day one and we are super proud of all the great things it enables us to help charities with. Working with Brighton Fringe to open up bursaries to help performers who are supporting the community and working in sustainable ways has been just fabulous. We are very much looking forward to seeing our wonderful city come alive when the fringe takes up residence this Summer.”

The partnership between Brighton Fringe and Bird & Blend Tea Co. extends further than the ChariTEA programme, this year Bird & Blend Tea Co. also offered bursaries in the Brighton Fringe bursary scheme. The bursary scheme endeavours to support artists that may otherwise not be able to participate in Brighton Fringe to take part. Bird & Blend offered bursaries for events demonstrating CommuniTEA and SustainabiliTEA.

The CommuniTEA bursary criteria required an event that engaged with the local community, be organised by/or benefit a community group/organisation or their event to be connected to something close to the community itself. The winner was Can I Be Bored Now? June 3, 4. £10 (Latest Music Bar).

The SustainabiliTEA bursary’s criteria was tailored for participants trying to include sustainability in their event.  The winners were The Puddle at the End of the World, June 2, 3, 4 £8 (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco) and The Party Clothes Swap, May 6 £4 (The Rose Hill).

Bird and Blend Tea Co. tea will also be served at Brighton Fringe’s newest pop-up venue Caravanserai Brighton, situated North of St Peter’s Church, where you can explore the free-to-enter site, with bars, a coffee counter and street food stalls, a dedicated family area for children, and a Brighton Fringe box office on-site alongside two theatre venues showcasing Fringe events. 
Brighton Fringe runs from May 5 to June 4 2023 with more than 700 events happening across 100 venues in Brighton, Hove and beyond. Browse and book tickets now.

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