Uncommon Comedy is a collection of four alternative comedy events directed by Lee DeLong at Brighton Fringe from 8-10 May at The Old Market. This season is hosted as part of Brighton Fringe with the support of the Diplomatic Representation of the Government of Flanders (Embassy of Belgium)

THE HEIST: SOLO FULL MASK SHOW, MAY 8-10. £12 (The Old Market) 

Ralf Wetzel performs a rich, emotional melodrama that explores capitalism and despair through mask, comedy and live music. Director Lee Delong tells the story of the human condition in a surprisingly alluring, tender and charming way.

OBLIGATION, MAY 8-10. £12 (The Old Market)

Inspired by 'The Madwoman of Chaillot', the visionary drama of Jean Giraudoux, OBLIGATION pits one lone woman against mass evil. Our heroine is the embodiment of innocence: fragile, childlike, and pure. She battles a hostile force that is relentless without using a single spoken word. Movement is her language and weapon. 

LALA, MAY 8-10. £12 (The Old Market)

Set against the backdrop of Kikinda, and saturated in the rich cultural heritage of the Banat region with its abundance of folklore and traditional music, Lala’s story is brought to life by a single red-nose clown who will tickle your heartstrings in the great tradition of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, and Grock.

BLACK PETRA, MAY 8-10. £10 (The Old Market)

Join clowns Petra and Petra as they go on a quest to discover the greatest treasure of all: their friendship. Triko Cirkus Teatar blends aerial acrobatics with a dash of slapstick and classical clown theatre to create this wonderful show designed for children, that can equally be enjoyed by the whole family.

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