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Fanny Dent (Alexandra Plotkin)

Artist Observer to the Board

I am a Brighton-based comedy burlesque performer. My artistic journey began over ten years ago, starting with humble 5-minute 'open spots' in sticky rooms above pubs, fuelled by a passion for live performance and creative expression. The road from those early days to where I am today has been a journey of growth, learning, and determination, and Brighton is the place where my artistic path truly began. The Brighton Fringe, with its diverse array of venues, provided me with a platform to hone my solo show from an intimate ‘work in progress’, to a full-length production.

What sets Brighton Fringe apart, in my view, is its inclusive and welcoming nature. It's a place where artists at all stages of their careers, doing a wide range of performance styles, are embraced and celebrated. Just as the Brighton Fringe has nurtured and supported me, I now hope to do the same for others. My goal is to foster an inclusive and supportive environment within the Brighton Fringe community, just as it did for me.

Contact: https://linktr.ee/FannyDent


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