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Amy Macgregor

Board Member

Following 8 years working in London’s glittering West-End (in ticketing) and a couple of summers spent working at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Amy Mac moved to down to Brighton and first worked with Brighton Fringe as part of the Box Office team in 2013 and 2014, before setting up Lamb Comedy Productions: producing and hosting 15+ stand-up comedy shows each year at Brighton Fringe in 2015, 2016 and 2017, winning both the ‘Best Venue Award’ and ‘Audience Choice Award: Best Show’ in 2016.

Following a brief stint at Worthing Theatres, Amy came back to Brighton Fringe as Office & HR Manager, moving to Operations Manager, for 3 years before moving back into the industry of comedy production.

Amy lives in Kemptown with her tuxedo cat, Muriel.

On joining the board:
“When I had the opportunity to move back into comedy production, I couldn’t resist the calling, however, I was not quite ready to cut all my ties with Brighton Fringe after so many years. So I now sit on the Board. With my experience of working within the organisation in different departments, and being a venue and participant, I have a unique insight into how Brighton Fringe works and I can continue to offer support, encouragement and knowledge to the team into the future. No one ever really leaves the Fringe Family, and I am just proof of that!”

How do you hope to impact Brighton Fringe going forward?
“Having worked all the way through 2020, the toughest year in Brighton Fringe’s history, I hope I can help move the Fringe towards a period of calm, excitement, joy and success to be enjoyed by the city as a whole. Brighton wouldn’t be the same without Brighton Fringe taking over so completely in the spring and being the bastion of the local arts scene. We all thrive from it, and we learn from it, so I plan to inject the necessary energy and knowledge to help maintain and grow the organisation into a trailblazer for the other Fringe Festivals around the world to follow.”


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