Venue Manager observer to the board

In 2020, Brighton Fringe ran an election to recruit a Venue Manager Observer to the Board of Brighton Fringe, with the aim to aid in the ongoing mission to improve the transparency of the Brighton Fringe and ensure artist voices are heard. 

The position is currently held by Ben Carter (programmer The Caxton Arms, Presuming Eds) and has a fixed one-year term. The position will be up for re-election in January 2024, nominate yourself below.

The Venue Manager Observer to the Board of Brighton Fringe will work alongside the Artist Observer in bringing ideas and recommendations of the Artists and Venues of Brighton Fringe to the Board. This role is unpaid.

Responsibilities. The observer should:

  • Act in the interests of all venue managers.
  • Attend at least 75% of monthly venue manager meetings - two hours per month.
  • Attend all quarterly board meetings – two hours quarterly, Monday or Thursday evenings in March, July, September and December.
  • Attend annual ‘Future of Brighton Fringe’ forum discussions, and annual artist forum discussions.
  • Ensure that at least two weeks prior to each board meeting that they seek feedback/comment from other venue managers and have collected any points for raising on behalf of venues (Brighton Fringe staff will help with the administration of this process) and notify the Brighton Fringe CEO/Chair of any suggested additions to the subsequent board meeting agenda.
  • Produce a board meeting report (min. 250 words) after each board meeting which will be published on the Fringe website and circulated to artists. 
  • Co-Moderate the Brighton Fringe Venues and Artist Networking Group on Facebook.

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