Marketing Your Event

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Check out our How to Market Your Event Pack for all the information about marketing your event, from your listing copy to additional advertising.

Gemini Print – Special Prices and Services

Our print partner, Gemini Print, offers exclusive special prices and services to all Brighton Fringe artists and venues for all your printing and promotional products – whether that be flyers, posters, programmes, and leaflets – or something more adventurous! 

Contact them at [email protected] or visit their website here.

Brighton Fringe Logo

You must use the correct version of the Brighton Fringe logo on all posters and flyers.

Please note: the Brighton Fringe 2015 textured paint-stroke logo is no longer in use. Read the Branding Guidelines below for more details.

Logo ZIP file contains: EPS / PNG files in purple & white. Branding PDF outlines logo usage and colour guidelines.

For queries please email [email protected]

Poster and Flyer Footer Template

Brighton Fringe footers for posters and flyers are now available to download using the link below. Feel free to use the templates at the bottom of your flyers and posters.

The download contains .psd files which can be opened in Photoshop (free trials available). It also contains .pdf files which can be edited in various pdf/document editors, like Adobe Acrobat, (free trials available) or Sejda (free). We use to make QR codes for the Brighton Fringe website. 

Please note: If you edit your event title in Eventotron after your listing is live on the website, the URL will also change, please take this into account when making QR codes. 


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