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Our 2023 bursaries are spread across two waves in line with the two registration periods. Bursaries are now closed for Brighton Fringe 2023, excluding The Brighton Lions Bursary which will remain open until 7 February 2023.

The Brighton Lions Bursary

Brighton Lions are generously supporting Brighton Fringe participants aged 60 and over by offering 5 bursaries of 5 free registrations. Bursaries will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and each applicant can only apply once. If you have already completed and paid for a registration, you can still apply, if you qualify for a bursary your registration fee will be refunded.

The Offer: Five winning events will have their Brighton Fringe 2023 registration fee paid for by Brighton Lions.

Criteria: Applicants must be residents of Brighton and Hove and be aged 60 and over. Applicants must have either already completed their Brighton Fringe 2023 registration or have started to complete it. 

Deadline: 5pm Tuesday 7 February – if all bursaries are allocated before the deadline then we will close applications before this time. Winners will be notified by Tuesday 14 February at the latest.

Apply here.

wave one bursaries and winners 2023

Encore Insure Brighton Fringe Bursaries

  • Tours of Brighton: Brighton Dance Extravaganza
  • INYENYERI: Black Snake Dancer Team 257
  • Gabriella Leonardi: The Art of a Damaged Soul
  • Prentice Productions: 30 and Out
  • Spit the Ink: Manifesting

South East Dance Bursary

  • Communitas Dance: Communi-ties to the Past

UrbanFlo Creative: Irene Mensah Bursary

  • Equinox Care: I AM MORE THAN

Bird & Blend CommuniTEA Bursary

  • Nikolina & Lea: Can I Be Bored Now?
  • Learn & Rise: The 'A' Word

Brighton Fringe Staff Bursaries

Amy & Rhiannon's Bursary

    • Backbone Theatre & Film: Gentrif*cked (Work in Progress)
    • Turning Hatts Productions: FRYDAYS


Pebble Trust Young People

  • Robert McCloskey: Destiny
  • Farrah Alice Black: Rambunctious Scallywag
  • Pagane R. Gacheva: Stimmicanto
  • Nikolina Tomic: Can I Be Bored Now?

The Brighton Fringe International Touring Bursary 2023 in Association with the Pebble Trust

  • Kenneth Uphopho: Ester's Revenge

Bob's Bursary

  • Winner TBC

Culture ConneX Bursary

  • Winner TBC

The Brighton Lions Bursary

  • Open until 7 February
  • Age is a Stage: Flying in the Moment (Beyond the Nose)
  • Geoffrey Mead: Geoffrey Mead's Clifton Hill & Montpelier Tour
  • St. Laurence Church, Falmer: Fringe at Falmer 2023

The Luke Rollason Memorial Bursary

  • Winner TBC

The Bird & Blend SustainabiliTEA Bursary

  • Winner TBC

Brighton & Hove Pride Bursary

  • Winner TBC

Michael Graney Bursary

  • Winner TBC

The Ironclad New Creative Writing Bursary

  • Winner TBC

Brighton Fringe Staff Bursaries

Social Impact Bursary, Relationship & Development Manager Holly Alexander

    • Winner TBC

Betty Maguire's Dance Bursary, Development & Operations Assistant Betty Maguire

    • Tomfoolery Inc: Show name TBC

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