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5 Great Funding Opportunities for 2018 Participants!

We’ve all had the thought, imagine putting on an event at Brighton Fringe! Well it’s really not as hard as you think, and with the vast range of bursaries and funding opportunities available you could find yourself taking part in England’s largest arts festival next year. Check out these five great funding opportunities that could help you take part in Brighton Fringe 2018…

  1. The Pebble Trust

Are you a local resident to Brighton and Hove? Are you lucky enough to be 25 or under? Do you want me to stop asking rhetorical questions? For the eighth year running The Pebble Trust have provided funding and support to Brighton Fringe. This year they will pick three events who will receive a free registration, £300 towards production costs and up to 3 mentoring sessions with one of their expert judges!

For more info and how to apply go to

Deadline – Friday 5th January 2018

  1. Go Think Big

Go Think Big is giving younger participants the chance to make those crazy ideas come to life, if your event is chosen you could receive a whopping £500 to fund your event! Go Think Big are looking for 13-25 year olds with events incorporating social actions and digital elements. Let your imagination run free.

For more details and how to apply click here

Deadline – Thursday 4th January 2018


For 2018 Encore Insure have very generously offered to cover the registration fees of 5 events. They’re looking for creative pieces of dance & physical theatre, literature & spoken word, and theatre that prove you don’t need a huge budget to make something amazing.

If this sounds like the one for you check out this application form for more details.

Deadline – Monday 27th November 2017

  1. Irene Mensah

ART:sync and urbanflo creative in conjunction with Brighton Fringe are very pleased to announce the ‘Irene Mensah Artist Bursary’ in honour of our dear friend and colleague who sadly passed away in 2013. If you’re successful in your application you will have your registration paid for, The judging panel consists of professional artists and producers from ART:sync and urbanflo.

To see the full criteria and how to apply click here.

Deadline – Monday 27th November 2017

  1. Brighton Lions

Last but not least we’re very pleased to announce the return of Brighton Lions Bursary. Participants aged over 60 have got the chance of winning one of five free registrations for 2018 kindly provided by Brighton Lions.

For more information about the bursary and how to apply click here

Deadline – Monday 15th January 2018

These funding opportunities are too good to miss out on, so get applying and hopefully we’ll be seeing your event at Brighton Fringe 2018! More information about all our funding opportunities can be found on our website.

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