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Brighton Fringe Ltd., the charity behind the central administration of England’s largest performing arts festival, seeks new trustees to support a new phase in its development.  

Duncan Lustig-Prean, Chair of Brighton Fringe, says “We are particularly looking for people who can fill some of the gaps in skills and experience of the current board. We welcome applications from all and are particularly looking for people with a background at senior levels in arts funding, marketing and those with Board experience in the commercial sector.” 

In 2023, Brighton Fringe consisted of 880 events with 4,000 performances in 126 venues across the city and attracted audiences of around 490,000 people. Brighton Fringe is an open-access festival that embraces every art form and artistic expression and supports both new and established performers in trying out new work and taking risks.  Brighton Fringe runs from early May to early June.   

Brighton Fringe Ltd is a charity run by a voluntary board of trustees and a small core team made up of less than ten full-time and part-time paid staff. 

As a trustee, you will make decisions that will determine the future of the charity and have the legal responsibility for ensuring Brighton Fringe fulfils its charitable objectives and other legal obligations. The Board of Brighton Fringe sits every three months, but we require an additional commitment of time from our board members to support the organisation.

We are looking for Trustees who have a hands-on approach and who will help to secure our future in a changed financial world with reductions in trust and public funding during a cost-of-living crisis. 

Click here for an application form and application guide.


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