The Story of the Tower | Brighton Fringe
The Story of the Tower
The Story of the Tower
The Story of the Tower
Circus Dance & Physical Theatre

The Story of the Tower

By Hirai-Kikaku and Media Kobo (Japan)

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Age suitability: 8 +
Language No Problem
Online Event
Content Warning:
Related to distressing contemporary issues.
An avant-garde performance created from three elements: words, dance, and projection mapping.

With the rapid development of technology, we can instantly exchange words with someone far away. How will language change as we confront each other as anonymous bodies with no physical connection? Based on the mythical Tower of Babel, this work uses excerpts from Yasunari Kawabata’s One Arm, Mimei Ogawa’s The Black Tower, and automatic transcription of the breaking news of the 2001 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Take a peek through the camera at the dismemberment and reconnection of body and words.

Created by Mitsuko Hirai and Rob Moreno
Dramaturgy and Research by Mitsuko Hirai
Filmed by Rob Moreno
Performed and Choreographed by Yoshiko Imamura

Performed without words, commentary in part-Japanese, part-English

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