Petrol and Neurons by Vince LiCata | Brighton Fringe
Petrol and Neurons by Vince LiCata

Petrol and Neurons by Vince LiCata

By Andy Jordan Productions & Piccolo Theater, Bremerhaven

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Age suitability: 14 +
Online Event
Two short humorous online plays about love, oil, money and neurobiology.

The Lily Pod wonders if you can really buy your own personal oil rig, and why you would want to. Danny, Annie and John. A funny kind of love. A funny kind of threesome. Who is fooling who? Who is really in control?

The Lab Meeting asks if neurobiology can derail love in the lab. The pursuit of science and sex. Allie, Sam and Andrea. Another funny kind of threesome.

Both plays were conceived and written especially for online performance.

From the company that won three awards, including an OnComm, for its ground-breaking 2020 online play SpaceXPat.

"It is great fun to observe others floundering with zoom" (Zwei Einakter, Nordsee-Zeitung).

Performed in German with English subtitles. Translation by Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe.
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