Paul Merryck - Lies, Alibis & Filthy Stories | Brighton Fringe
Paul Merryck - Lies, Alibis & Filthy Stories

Paul Merryck - Lies, Alibis & Filthy Stories

By Paul Merryck

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He's survived another year and he's back! For the fourth year running (he even did a show in 2020), it's the Brighton Fringe gig that is fast becoming a very dodgy institution. Come and enjoy a late-night comedy and drinking session at The Caxton Arms with the legendary Essex life coach, philosopher and comedian, Paul Merryck, and some of his boozier mates. It will be a no holds barred hour or so of top quality gags, tales and anecdotes from the wrong side of the A12. Or put more simply, 'Lies, Alibis and Filthy Stories'. With some very special guests Paul has yet to blackmail into performing.

“The Essex bloke is something of a geezer ... plenty of showbiz patter... . his set proves very effective... . gag-focussed delivery... . high laugh rate... . you’d think that the spirit of Mike Reid is alive and well” (Steve Bennett, Chortle)
13 May 2022 22:30 - 23:45
14 May 2022 22:30 - 23:45
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