One Day in Wonderland | Brighton Fringe
One Day in Wonderland
One Day in Wonderland
One Day in Wonderland
Children & Young People

One Day in Wonderland

By Lights of London Productions (UK)

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Audience Choice Award. Vote for event
Age suitability: 5 - 12
World Premiere
Online Event
Alice is bored and loves to daydream. One day unexpected events lead her into the magical Wonderland, ruled by the Red Queen. Home of the the mysterious Jabberwocky, it’s a place of friends and frenemies, but who is which? Why is the Mad Hatter mad, the White Rabbit always late and all the roses painted red? Was Humpty pushed or did he fall? Meet quarrelling Tweedledum and Tweedledee, a grinning Cheshire Cat, and a tea-drinking Dormouse. Join Alice as she tries to work out what an earth is going on and why she is here?

Directed by Darrie Gardner
Director of Photography Grayson Moody
Editor and Animator Alec Simmons

Dayo Ade as Alice
Michael J Ansley as The Mad Hatter and The Caterpillar
Darrie Gardner as The Red Queen, Dormouse and Cook
Paul-D Stephenson as The Cheshire Cat
Sarah J Warren as Lorna and TweedleDee
Rob Maynard as The March Hare and TweedleDum
Iain Gibbons as The White Rabbit
Ian Renshaw as The Duchess and Humpty

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