Hysteria (Work in Progress) | Brighton Fringe
Hysteria (Work in Progress)

Hysteria (Work in Progress)

By Elena, Christiaan and Ollie

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Age suitability: 18 +
In Person
World Premiere
Content Warning:
Audience Interaction, References to Mental Illness, Swearing.
Hysteria is a dark, twisted absurd show, featuring elements of clown, circus and bouffon. Three graduates of Ecole Philippe Gaulier split 50 minutes, explore modern power dynamics and how some are given a voice while others are silenced.

Elina Oittinen: a clown, actress and circus performer specializing in dance, hula hoops and aerial acrobatics, who in the past year has been inspired to walk on champagne bottles and play alto saxophone. She’s presenting work from her first one-woman show “Hysteria”.

Christiaan Hendriksen: a British man here to share his British values. He wants to spread the glory of British things. British food, British weather, a cup of British tea. The British Class system. Everything's better when it’s British.

Ollie West: The birth of man. The discovery of fire. The scent of a woman. A caveman discovers all that life has to offer, beauties and horrors, sticks and Hey Jude, love and loss.
16 May 2022 22:30 - 23:20
17 May 2022 20:00 - 20:50
18 May 2022 22:30 - 23:20
19 May 2022 16:15 - 17:05
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