Brussels Sprouts, Christmas Pudding and Arts? | Brighton Fringe
Brussels Sprouts, Christmas Pudding and Arts?
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Brussels Sprouts, Christmas Pudding and Arts?

By Beach Without Sand

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Age suitability: 16 +
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World Premiere
Brighton Spiegeltent is hosting another of our occasional vital conversations about the state of the arts in in Brighton and Hove. Masks may be largely off in our city, but Covid hasn’t gone away. For some, their creativity has never been more vibrant. But for many it is even more impossible to sustain a life in the arts.
Resources are tighter than ever. Who are the real winners from the funding and resources currently available to the arts? Why do so many artists feel that only a small portion of those resources are actually reaching them in their practice? Who does get access and who is experiencing closed doors?
Brexit regulation has devastated touring opportunities notably for our previously world-leading music industry. Government funding streams are mired in swamps of onerous and esoteric accounting making them more exclusive – impenetrable and inaccessible for 18-24 year olds – while our modern world has so much to offer them in gaming, VR, XR, AR...
According to a new survey for Tesco, nearly three-quarters of people aged 18-24 aren’t fans of Brussels Sprouts and have decided to simply stop eating them. An increasing number of Generation Z are shunning Christmas dinner altogether in favour of a festive brunch, perhaps it looks better on Instagram? They hate Christmas Pudding, too and they prefer chocolate-based desserts instead. Can you blame them? So can the arts possibly survive as a viable profession or calling in our current world and the direction it’s heading in?
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30 May 2022 19:30 - 21:00
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