The Tragedy of Dorian Gray - The Film | Brighton Fringe
The Tragedy of Dorian Gray - The Film
The Tragedy of Dorian Gray - The Film
The Tragedy of Dorian Gray - The Film

The Tragedy of Dorian Gray - The Film

By Blue Devil Productions

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Age suitability: 16 +
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Content Warning:
References to Mental Illness, Swearing, References to Drug/Alcohol Abuse, References to Violence, References to Suicide/Self Harm, Nudity.
The OffFest award-winning hit play of Brighton Fringe 2021, The Tragedy of Dorian Gray, returns with this stunning, black & white filmed version.

It’s 1965, the world has changed and London is swinging. In a studio in Chelsea, a young man is about to have his portrait painted. From there, Dorian’s story of fame, vanity, lust and corruption plays out against the changing music and fashions as the decades pass - a twisted odyssey of heartbreak, betrayal and a touch of bloody murder.

"EXCELLENT - sticks a grubby fingernail into the canvas and twists into its cruel heart" ★★★★★ (Lou Reviews)
"Dark, rich and multi-layered – definitely one to savour" ★★★★★ (North West End)
“THRILLING - Maximus Polling is beguiling as Dorian Gary” ★★★★ (Gay London Life)
“Breathes new life and dimension into the dangerously charismatic Gray” ★★★★ (Theatre & Arts Review)
“Sexy, provocative and hugely enjoyable” ★★★★ (Boyz)
“COMPELLING - A wonderful performance from Polling” ★★★★ (London Theatres 1)