Tal | Brighton Fringe
Circus Dance & Physical Theatre


By Tal Motion (Israel)

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Age suitability: 14 +
Online Event
Content Warning:
References to Mental Illness, The piece examines bulimia.
This original solo performance follows the story of a girl-woman-dancer’s experiences with the eating disorder bulimia, and the way she healed through learning psychology and expressive arts. Referring to the theories she learned during her therapy studies, and with honest artistic physical expression, Tal goes back in time and re-tells the memories and events of her life, the suffering she experienced, what people around her said, and the things society tells us. This inspiring piece exposes the mind and encourages us to explore our responsibilities as human beings.

“A thoughtful and important piece of art” (AYoungerTheatre.com).

Written, created, performed by Tal Levy Cohen
Consulting Bat-Chen Harvardi Vakshi
Dramaturgy Osnat Shnek Yosef
Content Amir Orian, Sara Vino Elad, Avi Greinik
Music Raz Olsher, Zej-Yuval Wetzler, Nadav Wetzler
Set co-design Yuval Hamami
Lighting Johnny Tal
Cinematography/editing Amnon Haas
Additional cinematography Yotam Monk, Eli Ma’ayani

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