SpaceXPat by Vince LiCata | Brighton Fringe
SpaceXPat by Vince LiCata
SpaceXPat by Vince LiCata

SpaceXPat by Vince LiCata

By Andy Jordan Productions& Piccolo Theater, Bremerhaven

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Age suitability: 14 +
Language No Problem
Online Event
Summer 2020. Pat is an astronaut who has unilaterally decided to extend his stay on the International Space Station. Pat’s wife is not happy about this. Pat’s mission partner is not happy about this. NASA is not happy about this. The only person who doesn’t see this as a problem is Pat. As he becomes emotionally more fragmented but more resolute in his decision to never leave the Space Station, we wonder: Is Pat losing his mind, or is he the only one who can see clearly?

The 2020 English production won an ONCOMM award and Best Play & Best Production in the Scenesaver Awards

"Tight direction keeps us on the edge of our seats... a gripping take on lockdown" (GScene Magazine)
"Comparable to live theatre... high-concept and high emotion" (Broadway Baby)
"Powerful use of Zoom as a structural device, not a poor substitute for live performance" Audience Review

Performed in German with English subtitles.
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