Shattered | Brighton Fringe


By Diana Varco (California, USA)

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Age suitability: 16 +
Online Event
Content Warning:
References to Sexual Abuse, References to Mental Illness, Swearing, References to Drug/Alcohol Abuse, References to Violence, References to Suicide/Self Harm, Loud Noises, Strobe Lights, Nudity, Shattered contains distressing themes including references to sexual assault, domestic violence and suicidal ideation.
In third grade, Diana kicked her crush in the crotch and her love life didn’t improve from there. What starts as an innocent look into her relationship past, turns into a comedic and heartbreakingly raw exploration of dating, dysfunction, and sexual devastation - told through the voices of 35 characters. Using comedy to take us through tragedy, Shattered ultimately tells the tale of one individual picking up the broken pieces of herself and learning to live again.

“A woman of 1,000 faces” (
“Truly epic” (
“A real tour-de-force” ★★★★ (
“A raw, visceral dissection of the human psyche” ★★★★★ (

Written and performed by Diana Varco
Directed by Jessica Lynn Johnson

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