Satan vs God | Brighton Fringe
Satan vs God
Satan vs God
Satan vs God

Satan vs God

By DGP Theatre Productions (Florida, USA)

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Age suitability: 12 +
Language No Problem
Online Event
Content Warning:
Contains images with strong racial thematics as well as provocative biblical imagery and language.
Lucifer, fallen angel, begs God’s permission to return to Heaven: ‘You forgave everyone, but me. Why not me? I was first.’ Are Satan and God within the eyes and deeds of humankind? Is Satan responsible for all he is accused of? Have we ever heard him testify? Labelled ‘Father of Lies’ and ‘Prince of Darkness’, Satan puts his case: ‘Who says your way is right? They have forgotten you.’ This original piece explores and opens up a conversation about religion, faith and humanity that is normally taboo or censored. A solo tour-de-force with music and movement.

Winner of the Derek Award for Spirit of the Fringe, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021.

Written and Performed by Deaon Griffin-Pressley
Directed by Judy Barr
Cinematography by André Russell

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